Know About Giggity 420 Trend

October 15, 2022
Giggity 420

Giggity 420: TikToker Giggity4204 managed to get more than 2,000,000 views for a video where she encouraged people Google her name. Admirers of TikTok’s Tiggity4204 saw the influence Giggity4204 had, and started using the username, which eventually led to the creation a trend. Read on to know more about Giggity 420.

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Giggity 420 Tiktok Trend – Explained

Giggity 420

TikToker Giggity4204 posted an unclear video, which eventually led to their followers performing a Google search for “Giggity4204”.

An anonymous internet celebrity posted a screen recording in which she typed “Giggity 420”, and then encouraged her audience to do so out of curiosity. Because of the nature of this video, many of its fans anticipated that the search results might contain sexual content.

You won’t find any relevant information on Google’s search result pages if you actually Google the term. The video may be a strategy by her to increase traffic to her other social media accounts, and increase her social impact.

TikTok’s original video has been viewed more than 2,000,000 times, which suggests that this strategy might have worked. Giggity4204 may also be using the TikTok material to promote other social media platforms such as her Instagram. Continue reading to know more about Giggity 420.

Trend: Viral video becomes a trend

TikTok has had a trend of “tricking” people into searching for anything on Google. However, this craze is just beginning to gain popularity after Giggity4204’s video.

TikTok users are uploading videos in which their usernames or names are entered into Google’s search box. However, they don’t show the actual search results. This makes followers curious and encourages them to search for the name on Google.

Giggity4204’s initial video featured the TikTok sound. However, not all those videos are part of the Giggity 420 craze.

Reactions of fans to a TikTok Video

Admirers of TikTok’s video resorted the comments area to vent their frustration after seeing almost nothing in the search results for “Giggity 420”.

Someone wrote “Everyone done been played.”

Another person offered this advice: “Don’t fall for the trap.”

One person replied to the comment by saying that “Nothing appears.” Giggity4204’s TikTok profile states that their account is secret, despite having over 100,000 followers.

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