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Gojo Satoru: Many People Find Satoru (Anime)



Gojo Satoru: Many people find Satoru Gojo appealing since he is a big man who towers over his students.

Gojo has white hair that is frequently spiked up, but he lets it down when he is dressed more casually. Gojo’s eyes are a dazzling blue, although they’re generally hidden behind his distinctive black blindfold or dark sunglasses.

Gojo dresses professionally in an all-black high-necked jacket, matching pants, and dark dress boots. Gojo has previously worn bandages over his eyes instead of his regular blindfold. He has a variety of casual outfits, most of which consist of long-sleeved shirts and pants. He even goes to the beach with long-sleeved sweaters and black bathing trunks.


Personality of Gojo Satoru

Gojo Satoru

Satoru is a complicated person. His students, close coworkers, and friends are usually laid-back and amusing when it comes to his students. However, he is ruthless and insensitive to sorcerer executives, evidenced by his open disregard for Principal Gakuganji and his opponents.

Satoru is self-assured in his powers and reputation as a great sorcerer, believing he is unstoppable. His opinions of others are generally limited to his assessment of their strength, and he is uninterested in anyone he considers weak.

He is also incredibly arrogant, owing to his thirst for dominance. He believes he is the strongest person on the planet, which he is, saying during his fight with Toji Fushiguro that “He alone is the honoured one throughout the Heavens and Earth.”

This was further demonstrated when he was assigned to defend Riko Amani, one of the few ‘weak’ people for whom he developed compassion. However, after completing his reverse cursed method in his subsequent bout against Toji Fushiguro, any empathy for her death was quickly obliterated by his immense pride and hubris.


Satoru is occasionally seen in a frenzied fighting state during severe confrontations, pushed on by his determination for success and undeniable proof that he alone is the strongest.

His combative approach is defined by his forceful and domineering attacks, which he uses to show off his mastery of skills. Furthermore, he is capable of being cold-blooded in a crisis. When he believes that the sacrifice is unavoidable,

he will prioritise the destruction of his adversaries over the rescue of innocent people. This, however, only applies to those slain by his opponent; he will not damage or kill anybody innocent in order to gain an advantage.

Despite his arrogance and strength, Satoru is more human than he appears at first. Satoru collected Riko’s body with a melancholy expression after defeating Toji, demonstrating that despite his recent egotistical success temporarily clouding his thoughts, he still felt regret over her loss.


He planned to assassinate the Star Religious members who were laughing at Riko’s murder but was prevented by Suguru Geto, whom he saw as a moral compass at the time.

Furthermore, after finding that Suguru, his one and only best friend, had turned into a murdering curse user, Satoru was obviously terrified and terrified. Satoru tried to argue with his friend, but in the end.

He understood and accepted that he had lost the one person he considered as an equal. Satoru’s trauma of losing his best friend triggered his eventual demise in Shibuya after having to put an end to Suguru before more calamity ensued. When Yuji appeared to die, he was likewise upset.

Satoru’s ultimate goal is to use education to improve the jujutsu world from the ground up. He aspires to raise a new generation of sorcerers who will one day be on par with him.


Capabilities and Responsibilities

Satoru is known to be the greatest sorcerer in the series, even among the special grade sorcerers, as he possesses vast amounts of cursed energy as well as a dangerously powerful skill.

Satoru and Suguru were both regarded “the strongest” as students, capable of dispatching experienced and powerful curse users in a flash. Satoru’s talents dramatically improved after he realised and perfected his abilities, to the point that he was able to put Toji Fushiguro on the defence and kill him with his best technique, whereas before, he and Geto were no match for the legendary Sorcerer Killer.

As he became stronger, he surpassed Suguru’s power to the point where Suguru realised Satoru had genuinely become the strongest on his own.

Suguru also claimed that Satoru was capable of killing all of humanity by himself, which he confessed was beyond his abilities, and he didn’t even try to fight back when Satoru was about to kill him. However, Satoru eventually surrendered since he couldn’t kill his old buddy.


In the present, the higher-ups of the jujutsu society fear Satoru’s power, to the point where Satoru could easily force them to cancel the executions of the dangerous fellow special-grade sorcerer Yuta Okkotsu and the vessel of Sukuna Yuji Itadori, and he claims that if he really wanted to, he could easily kill them all and overthrow the jujutsu society. Satoru even declared that if he used all of his strength, he could defeat Sukuna.

Kenjaku and his special-grade cursed spirits were similarly afraid of Satoru’s strength and expertise, with Kenjaku admitting that he couldn’t defeat Gojo Satoru in a direct flight.

He could completely overpower and kill Jogo, the group’s strongest member, and his very presence was enough to compel Hanami to flee, with Gojo Satoru nearly murdering the special-grade cursed spirit with a single assault.

Satoru was capable of effortlessly fending off their assaults and overcoming them, leaving everyone amazed with how much above his capabilities he truly was, murdering Hanami and only being defeated owing to Kenjaku exploiting his past with Geto to distract him long enough for the Prison Realm to imprison him.


Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Satoru is a very formidable martial artist in close combat, with extraordinary physical prowess to back up his talents, in addition to his overpowering amounts of cursed energy.

He could easily overpower Jogo in hand-to-hand fighting, landing multiple accurate punches on Jogo’s fatal locations, and he could even effortlessly fight off and overpower both Jogo and Hanami in close combat, easily reversing their attacks and executing tremendous hits that are quickly pummelling them into submission.

Satoru has immense physical strength, effortlessly inflicting significant injuries on Jogo with powerful punches and throwing him a substantial distance with a single kick during their fight.

With pure physical might, he was also able to take out Jogo’s skull and afterwards his arm, and he even managed to rip out Hanami’s roots. He had the ability to nonchalantly rip transfigured beings apart, limb by limb.


Satoru has incredible speed and reflexes and is capable of moving quicker than the human eye can comprehend. He was able to effortlessly outrun Jogo, unleashing punches and kicks that were virtually unnoticeable. In five minutes, Satoru can eliminate a thousand transfigured humans.

Tactical Intelligence: Gojo Satoru is a tactical thinker who can figure out his opponent’s strategy with very little information. He’s also proven to be very flexible to any enemy he’s encountered thus far, knowing just how to counter their tactics and beat them.

This was most demonstrated during his fight against Jogo, Hanami, Choco, and Mahito, where he demonstrated his ability to devise different battle strategies while fighting at breakneck speeds, safeguarding civilians, and limiting property damage, all while dodging and escaping the four curses’ assaults.

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