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The 10 Worst Things Gon And Killua Did To Each Other | Hunter Anime



Hunter X’s Gon and Killua Hunter and his brothers have one of the best bromances in anime, but it doesn’t mean their bond is faultless.

Great bromances abound in the anime world. Eren and Armin, Gon and Killua, and the newest additions to the anime world, Bam and Khun, all serve as reminders of how precious childhood friendship can be. Unfortunately, no relationship is perfect, and even the most legendary bromances have their ups and downs.

The 10 Worst Things Gon And Killua Did To Each Other

Gon and Killua

Hunter X Hunter offered anime fans one of the best bromances in history, but Gon and Killua’s friendship is far from ideal. Gon and Killua have harmed their relationship on several occasions by behaving in their own self-interest. The following is a list of the ten most heinous things Gon and Killua have done to each other.


After the Hunter Exam, Killua left Gon.

Gon and Killua met while completing the Hunter Exam, and their love began there. Despite the fact that they were both there for separate purposes, they immediately discovered that they had a lot in common and became fast friends.

Killua still went without telling Gon where he was going after failing the exam due to his brother’s intervention. In order to reconcile with his friend, Gon sneaked inside the Zoldyck mansion, placing his life in danger. Killua should have known that after seeing Gon smash through a real wall to pass the Hunter Exam with his pals, Gon would pursue him after the exam. This means the silver-haired adolescent put his new friend’s life at jeopardy for no apparent reason.

Killua drew a power scale in the sand to compare Gon and Hisoka.

Hisoka is one of Hunter X Hunter’s most memorable characters. Fans love him because of his unusual nen skills and compelling character design, despite the fact that he is one of the creepiest anime characters ever created.

Because of the way he taunted the young green-haired protagonist during the Hunter Exam, Gon fixed his gaze on Hisoka at one point. When Killua tries to illustrate how irrational Gon’s revenge scheme is, he creates a power scale that makes his pal feel impotent. Killua needed to find another method to convey the disparity between Gon and Hisoka without offending his already enraged friend.


Self-Sacrifice was monopolised by Gon.

Killua sees the Phantom Troupe imprisoning Gon and Killua during the Yorknew City Arc as an opportunity to fight against the programming his brother Illumi imposed on him as a child. To keep Killua safe, Illumi and Silva Zoldyck utilised nen to force the young assassin to flee any fight he didn’t have a chance of winning.

Killua, on the other hand, recognises that in order to improve as a warrior and keep his companions safe, he must be willing to risk his life from time to time. Gon, on the other hand, refuses to let Killua fight, insisting that he is the only one capable of sacrificing himself for others. It’s a moment that casual fans could miss, but once they’ve accepted Gon’s routinely selfish behaviour, it’s difficult to overlook.

Killua left Gon to learn Hatsu on his own.

Gon and Killua must learn how to specialise their nen with Hatsu before entering the Greed Island game and beginning their Isekai arc. Killua refuses to give his friend any hints, despite the fact that he appears to have a good idea of what Hatsu is and how to find it.

Killua may have thought that his quiet would motivate Gon, but when the enhancer was forced to seek assistance from Wing, it was evident that Killua was only hurting his friend. There’s a chance Gon would not have been able to enter the Greed Island game if he hadn’t sought assistance from his former teacher. Killua was being a little stingy with his knowledge, which was a bit nasty considering the entire idea of entering the game was to find Gon’s father.


“It’s my duty to say bizarre things. It’s up to you to keep your cool and stop me.” This comment is just another example of Gon stockpiling character qualities for himself while expecting Killua to accept his status as the adventure’s secondary character.

Although Gon is the main character in Hunter X Hunter, there is no necessity for him to constantly remind Killua that he is a supporting character. Killua, in fact, is a stronger protagonist than Gon when it comes to controlling the plot on several occasions. Gon should be more than prepared to do the same for Killua from time to time if he expects Killua to stick around and clean up his messes.

They verbally and physically abuse each other on a regular basis.

Because Killua and Gon are youngsters, their barbs at each other throughout the Hunter X Hunter series are sometimes misinterpreted as amusing, yet they are dangerously near to physical and verbal abuse. In the Heavens Arena Arc, for example, when Gon breaks his arm, Killua makes a joke about placing his foot on Gon’s cast before departing to watch Hisoka fight Kastro.

Killua is well aware of Gon’s fascination with Hisoka, but despite knowing that his friend is unable to do so, he leaves his companion behind and goes to witness the fight. This moment may appear comical in the broad scheme of things, but it is still a terrible way to treat a friend who has just been harmed.


During Dodgeball, Gon destroyed Killua’s hands.

The majority of the abuse between Killua and Gon stems from their juvenile behaviour. This means that, even when they do, neither of them intends to damage the other.

When Gon severely crushes Killua’s hands during their game of dodgeball in the Greed Island Arc, this is not the case. Gon is obliged to deploy his new Hatsu technique in order to win the match, but the only way to make it work is to put Killua in danger. Gon later explains that he knew his strike would hurt Killua, which comes as a surprise. It was absolutely uncalled for, especially because the green-haired protagonist didn’t even ask Killua if it was okay to break every bone in his hands.

Killua was yelled at by Gon for not caring about the kite.

People are who they are today, according to Gon, and they will never change. This is especially clear when Gon assumes that Killua is unconcerned with Kite’s death since he can control his emotions and stick to the strategy they agreed before entering Chimera Ant territory.

True, Killua began the Hunter X Hunter series with a casual and detached demeanour that would lead one to believe he is emotionally detached, yet as the storey goes, Killua evolves. During the Chimera Ant Arc, his emotional connection to Gon and Kite is made very evident, but Gon still believes his friend is unable to register the emotional weight of losing them.


On Gon’s Date With Palm, Killua followed him.

The Chimera Ant Arc has several episodes in which Gon is forced to live a reasonably regular existence as a result of his nen being blocked. Gon goes on a date with Palm in one of the episodes where he is powerless.

Palm is one of the most horrifying characters in Hunter X Hunter, with a design that is based on The Ring. Furthermore, Gon is powerless to prevent Palm from harming him if the date goes wrong, leading many to conclude that Killua was simply stalking the date to protect his friend. Killua clearly didn’t trust Gon to handle the issue correctly, and he even put his friend’s life in jeopardy by following them around on their date.

They made the decision to separate indefinitely.

In the Hunter X Hunter anime, despite everything that happens between Gon and Killlua, the two never leave each other’s side for more than a week at a time. Throughout the series, it is evident that the two of them counterbalance each other. Furthermore, by inspiring each other to train and become stronger nen users, the two are able to continually bring out the best in each other.

The fact that they leave their connection so open to interpretation proves that their friendship was not as solid as many admirers believe. Fans may get a chance to watch Gon and Killua reconnect when the series returns.


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