Gun Shows in Florida Weekend Event at Lee Civic Center

November 3, 2022
gun shows in florida


This weekend, there was a huge turnout at the Lee Civic Center to see a gun shows in Florida Robert Geisler, the general manager of the event initially stated that they expected about 10,000 people during the two-day period.

gun shows in florida

Gun shows in Florida Geisler stated that they have a bit of everything at this show, including guns, ammo and concealed weapons. Geisler said that Florida’s gun shows promote responsible gun ownership and encourage safe gun ownership.

Geisler stated that every person who comes in to purchase a handgun, or long gun, regardless of its type, must go through a background check. There is a waiting period. They must be 21 years old. However, there are no private sales.This is a unique opportunity for us. Ghost guns are another thing that we allow or deny. You see them all over the media.

Geisler stated that if a dealer sells firearms, they must be federally licensed. This requirement is mandatory if they wish to get a table at Florida Gun Show.

Next, the Great American Port St Lucie Gun Show is scheduled for Nov 5th-6th 2022. Additional shows will also be held on Feb 15th-15th 2023 and Feb 25th-26th 2023. The Port St Lucie gun fair is held at Polish…


Gun Shows can be found at 4909 Southfork Ranch Dr in Orlando, FL.

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