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What is Haley Curton up to do in 2022?



Haley Cureton: Haley was one of the show’s most contentious participants. Following the performance, she is still causing havoc among her castmates.

Haley Cureton was one of Too Hot To Handle’s most contentious players after she refused to play along with the game and was asked to leave. Nonetheless, her slightly amorous association with Francesca Farago added much needed intrigue to the narrative, but it also elevated Haley to villain status.

How To Though Haley Walked Out Of The Show Singles

Haley Cureton

Although Haley exited the show single, she and Francesca appeared to have the show’s greatest friendship. Regrettably, Haley’s connections with the ensemble, particularly with Francesca, have deteriorated in the last year.


In March, Haley accused Francesca of travelling and socialising when she was aware she tested positive for COVID-19. Haley made a lengthy Instagram storey claiming that she was no longer friends with Francesca due to her selfishness and apathy toward COVID-19.

Francesca denounced Haley’s assertions as fake and claimed she was inciting drama in order to garner more attention. Haley reacted by stating that she had further support.

She also released a video of Francesca discussing her COVID-19 diagnosis. “She tested positive the morning of [February 6] and still took an hour-long cab to Tulum, went to dinner, and booked a hotel,” Haley wrote about her trip to Mexico with Francesca. “Why would I fabricate information regarding COVID? I am not the one who has an excuse to tell a falsehood.”

Sharron Townsend, another Too Hot To Handle co-star, also accused Haley of lying. In March, he revealed on his Instagram storey that Haley photoshopped his email into her OnlyFans subscribers list in an attempt to increase her followers.


“She has attempted to blackmail me numerous times since the show,” Sharron stated. Sharron revealed communications from Francesca alerting him to the fact that Haley had also photoshopped the email.

Francesca’s ex-boyfriend, Harry Jowsey, who she met on the show, also weighed in on Tik Tok. He provided voice recordings from Haley in which she stated that Francesca urged her to appear on TMZ to help attack Harry and that Francesca was cheating on him. Harry asserted that Haley was also lying about all of this.

Haley has remained relatively silent on Instagram in the aftermath of all of this controversy. She maintains a consistent presence on social media but does not divulge much about her personal life. The majority of her posts are advertisements for Fashion Nova and Maven Beauty.

Haley also produces content for platforms such as OnlyFans, Tik Tok, and YouTube. She has been really candid with her fans regarding her cosmetic surgery. Since the episode, Haley has received 5.5 syringes of lip filler and a nose operation.


While Haley was not the most beloved Too Hot To Handle cast member, she was an unforgettable character. Hopefully, there will be no further turmoil for her, and she will find a new bestie with whom to occasionally make out. We’ll simply have to wait and see what else she comes up with.

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