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Iron Man Harley Keener Is Carrying On Tony Stark’s Legacy | Comic Book



Harley Keener: In the pages of Marvel Comics, Iron Man 3’s Harley Keener debuted his latest creation, which would make Tony Stark pleased.

In the pages of Marvel Comics, Harley Keener is carrying on Tony Stark’s legacy, as he just showed off his newest invention to Peter Parker and the rest of the Marvel Universe’s smartest teens. Keener, who made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Iron Man 3, is a member of Stark’s new W.E.B. programme, where he revealed a stun blaster gauntlet that would make Iron Man proud.

Marvel Comics debuted Harley Keener as a comic book character for the first time this week. Originally, Keener appeared in Iron Man 3 (played by Ty Simpkins), in which the smart kids helped Tony Stark rebuild his life after it came crashing down around him. The character was not based on any of the characters from the comic books. Simpkins also appeared at Stark’s funeral in Avengers.


Harley Keener

Endgame, implying that the character’s storey isn’t finished in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Keener makes his debut appearance in a comic book in the new W.E.B. of Spider-Man.

Peter Parker arrives at the W.E.B. (World Engineering Brigade) facility, which Stark created to give some of the Marvel Universe’s most gifted youngsters a place to be creative and design new tech and inventions, in W.E.B. of Spider-Man #1 by Kevin Shinick, Alberto Alburquerque, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Travis Lanham.

Squirrel Girl, Lunella Lafayette, Onome, and Harley Keener are among Parker’s fellow W.E.B. members. While Keener and Peter argue over who is truly Iron Man’s right-hand man, Harley proves his worth by demonstrating one of his latest inventions.

Keener proudly displays a “Spunner” gauntlet. The device is a potato-based stun blaster that uses non-lethal pellets (which is a nice reference to his potato gun in Iron Man 3). Those potatoes charge the device’s blaster at the end. Keener appears to have put Tony Stark’s technology to good use, as he was clearly inspired by the Avenger at the end of Iron Man 3.


Harley’s invention isn’t as high-tech as some of the other W.E.B. members’, but it demonstrates his creativity and explains why he was invited to the programme in the first place.

Tony Stark would be ecstatic to see Keener continue his drive to develop and create in the name of science. Given that he’s now working with cutting-edge technology and some of the Marvel Universe’s brightest youthful minds, it’ll be exciting to see what else Harley Keener can create. W.E.B. of Spider-Man #1 is now available in comic shops.

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