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Harrison Okene- Man Who Survived 3 Days Underwater

Who is Harrison Okene

He is center and was the individual survivor of the 12-man’s crew. In 2013, Harrison Okene became an accidental aquanaut when he survives more than 60 hours at the bottom of the ocean.

By breathing through an air pocket. In 2013, the 29-year-old Nigerian cook was working onboard. A Marine Vessel when it overturns in the water in heavy seas.

Harrison Okene survives for around three days in an air bubble underwater.

Nigerian cook rescued after 72 hours at the bottom of Atlantic after his boat sank.
Bury at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in a set Marine Vessel. All Harrison Odjegba Okene had a smaller and smaller supply of oxygen in an air pocket.

The Nigerian cook survives for three days in his sunken boat. A video of Okene’s rescue in May posts on the internet. More than six months later, the video has gone viral this week.

As the temperature drops to freezing, he dresses only in Boxer Shorts. Recites the last psalm his wife had sent by text message. Sometimes it is called the Prayer for Deliverance. Oh God, by the name, save me. The Lord strengthens my life.

To the day, Okene believes his rescue after 72 hours underwater. Nearly the depth of 30 meters is a sign of divine deliverance. The other eleven seamen aboard the Jascon four dies.

Sent divers to the scene, and they were looking only for bodies. According to Tony Walker, the Project Manager for the Dutch company DCN Diving.

The divers, working on a Neighboring Oil Field around 120 kilometers away, brought into practical action. One already pulls up four bodies.

So when a hand was seen on the Television screen. Walker monitors the rescues boat. Shows what the diver in the Jascon saw; everybody guesses it was another human.

The diver admits that he had seen the hand. Then when he went to grasp the arrow, the handholds him. Walker told in a telephonic interview on Tuesday.

It was frightening for everybody, Okene told. For the person that was trapped because he did not know what was happening. It was a shock for the diver.

At the same time, he was down there looking for bodies. We are in the control room position. Back when the hand grasps him on the screen.

Is Harrison Okene alive?

In the video, there is a sudden cry of fear and shock from Okene’s rescuer. Then happiness as the realization sets. One remembers hearing. There is a survivor. He is alive.

Walker told Okene could not have lasted much more longer.

He was fortunate and was in an air pocket. But would have had a limited time before. He would not be able to breathe somehow.

The full video of the rescue captures by divers. It was released by DCN Diving after a request from The Associated Press. Initially, a shorter version of the recovery emerged on the internet.

Confirmed the authenticity of the video by conversations with DCN employees in the Netherlands. The video showing Okene was also accurate, with additional photos of him on the rescue ship. The AP also contacts Okene on Tuesday. He confirms the events.

Okene’s prolonged experience started around 4:30 a.m. on May 26. Always an early riser, Okene was in the toilet when the tug. One of three tow bars. Oil tanker in Nigeria’s oil-rich Delta waters. It gave a sudden make an abrupt, and then collapses finish.

I was dazed and everywhere was dark. I am thrown from one end of the small cubicle to another. One said in an exclusive interview after rescue with Nigeria’s Nation newspaper.

He searches his way out of the toilet blindly. Tried to find a release, support doors open as he moves on. He discovered some tools. Life confers with two flashlights. It stuffs into his shorts.

When he finds a cabin of the sunken vessel that felt safe, one starts the long wait. Getting colder and colder as Okene plays back a mental tape of his life. Remembering his Mother, Friends.

Mainly the woman Okene would be married five years before, with whom he had not yet fathered a child.

Rescuers missed Harrison Okene.

He worries about his colleagues. Ten Nigerians and the Ukrainian Captain. Including the young Police Force from Nigeria’s Maritime Academy. All would have locked themselves into their cabins. Standard procedures in the central area stem from Pirates.

He got anxious when he heard the sound of Fish, Sharks, or Barracudas. One supposes to Eating and Fighting over something big.

As the waters rose, Ordene made a rack on top of a platform. Gets on top with two mattresses.

According to Ordene’s interview with the Nation, I start calling on the name of God. I start indulging in enjoyable recollections of past events. I read on the verses before I slept.

I read the Bible from Psalm chapter 54 to 92. My wife had sent me the poems. To read that night, when she calls me before I went to bed.

He survives off just one bottle of Coke. All he had to strengthen him during the Trauma.

One thing that Ordene was going to die. Ordene told the Nation when he heard the sound of a Boat Engine. The anchor dropping but fails to get the attention of Rescuers. He figures, gives the size of the boat.

It will take a miracle for a diver to locate him. So he walks with effort through water across the cabin. He fittings the wall down to its steel body then knocks on it with a hammer.

But, “I heard them moving away. All were far away from where I was.”

By the time he was saved, he had already told the sailors we were dead.

One keeps the faith in the bible words he recites. It promises to give thanks in the name, Lord. At the service at his gains Christian Church of God.

He rescues by a diver. He first uses hot water to warm him up. Then attaches him to an Oxygen Mask. Once free of the sunken boat. Put order into the removal of the pressure chamber. He safely returns to the surface.

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