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Harry Shum Jr.’s Bio, Movies, Physical Stats & Wife


Harry Shum Jr. is an Chinese American Actor. He is also a dancer and choreographer. If you’re curious about Harry Shum Jr.’s height and wife, continue reading! We’ll soon cover other details about him too. Follow centralfallout.com to get updated.

Harry Shum Jr. bio

harry shum jrHarry is an actor, choreographer and dancer. The following information will give you a overview of his career and personal life. If you’d like to know more about him, his bio can be found here. You’ll know that he was born in 1982 in Cost Rica. He’s known for his movies.

Shum’s eyes are brown and height is 5 ft.11 inches. Shum was born in Costa Rica and raised in San Francisco. His father and mother are from Guangzhou and Hong Kong respectively. He was raised in a bilingual household by his parents. As a child, he was interested in sports and theater. He also adore celebrities like Michael Jackson and Gene Kelly.

Harry Shum Jr. movies

Shum has produced and executive produced movies. His most recent movie, Broadcast Signal Intrusion, premiered at SXSW in 2017 and had a domestic theatrical and VOD release in fall 2021. This film is now available for download on Netflix. Last year, Shum appeared in Netflix’s love-hard movie with Nina Dobrev.

He’s also active in charity work and therefore he has worked with organizations such as the Anti-Racial Children’s Book Education Fund and The Conscious Kid for¬†instance.

Harry Shum Jr. Physical Stats

Shum is an actor, dancer and a choreographer, therefore he is tall. However, there are some interesting facts about his height and weight that are listed below.

Harry was born on April 28, 1982. His height, weight, and ethnicity are all interesting facts about him. His height and weight is are 5 feet 11 inches and 72 kilograms respectively.

Harry’s wife

Shum’s wife is an American actress Shelby Rabara Shum. Shelby has worked in a variety of movies, television series, and commercials. She is also well-known for providing the voice of Peridot in the Steven Universe franchise on Cartoon Network.

First, Harry Shum Jr.’s parents were originally from Guangzhou, China. He met Shelby while on a UK tour with the singer Kaci. She was born on 5 October 1983 in California.

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