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‘My Hero Academia’ Hawks Mha: Is Hawk A Millennial?


While ‘My Hero Academia’ manga and anime fans wait for fresh content, here’s some facts about Hawks Mha‘ fan-favorite character.

Fans of My Hero Academia anticipate the release of the season 5 finale, while manga fans anticipate the publication of chapter 321.

Hawks, a fan favourite character that has been around for a long time in the ongoing manga, made his anime debut at the end of season 4.

While manga readers are familiar with the epic character, anime fans have only been exposed to him for a short time and may not know much about him.

Hawks Mha was born in what year? Hawks from My Hero Academia is how old?

Hawks Mha

Takami Keigo, also known as Hawks, is a 23-year-old superhero. Midoriya aka Deku, who first appeared in the manga in chapter 184, was 22 years old when he joined the UA. Because the character’s birthday is in December, it’s safe to assume that they were born in 1997.

Fans of the anime are eagerly anticipating the appearance of the No. 2 Pro Hero character. However, because the anime is always roughly 100 chapters behind, details on this vital figure are now scarce.

On the other hand, Hawks would delight millennial supporters if he was born in 1997, as he is officially a member of the same generation as Midoriya and the rest, rather than Gen-Z. Continue reading to learn more about the character’s past.

Hawks’ tragic past in My Hero Academia (Spoilers!)

My Hero Academia is a master at crafting a dark history. MHA has never failed to make fans cry while depicting a terrible past for a character, from Shoto Todoroki to Midoriya himself.

The character’s past was finally revealed in Chapter 299 of the manga, which was released in January 2021.

Hawks’ trauma stems primarily from his parents, who he describes as “abusive” and “neglectful.” Because his father was a wanted guy, the character was even conceived in a hazardous environment.

Hawks’ father had murdered another guy for a tiny sum of money, and his mother had taken him in.

Apparently, something led to another during their self-imposed confinement, resulting in the birth of our favourite winged character.

Hawks’ family had been on the run since his birth. His mother’s peculiarity enabled them to keep an eye on things in case anyone became suspicious.

On the other hand, his father was a paranoid man who distrusted his son and was always afraid he would divulge his secret. He always kept the poor youngster locked up as a result of this.

He also emotionally and physically mistreated both Hawks and his mother, Tomei, albeit the former suffered the worst of it alone.

When his father chose to become a slacker father and attempted to flee, he fled into Endeavor.

Hawks and his mother were forced to flee for their life after his mother was charged with aiding and abetting a criminal.

Because of their poverty, Tomei often encouraged her son to steal. On the other hand, Hawks drew the attention of the pro heroes when he rescued some bystanders during an accident. The Hero commission then separated him from his mother by paying her to remain away.

He grew up with the hero commission, only to be used by them when they had a need for him, because she didn’t hesitate to forsake the boy.

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