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10 Worst Things Hisoka, Has Done



Hunter x Hunter, Hisoka Morow is Gon Freecss’ main rival, and he’s committed a slew of misdeeds to prove how evil he is.

Throughout the series’ history, there have been many famous antagonists.

Illumi has portrayed the older brother who is manipulative. Genthru was a murderer with an excessive amount of ambition. Meruem was a highly advanced ant on a mission to conquer the planet and devour humans.


Every single one of them was bone-chillingly cold, and each and every one of them has left a lasting impact in the fans’ nightmares.

10 Worst Things Hisoka Has Done


Few, if any, could ever compare to what many refer to as the series’ major villain, Hisoka Morow, Gon Freecss’ main rival. Hisoka has an elegant way of just getting under people’s skin, whether it’s through his eyes, what he says, or the irritating manner he kills cherished characters.

1.Just by bumping into a Hunter Examiner, I was able to kill him.

Hisoka Morow knew how to make a strong first impression from the moment he walked into the room. One unwitting candidate had the regrettable mistake of knocking into Hisoka as the Hunter Exam entrants gathered in the beginning area.

Hisoka, being the gentlemen that he is, kept his cool and turned the guy’s arms into flower petals. Although this power is never seen again in the anime, it remains a terrifying sight that immediately reminds the audience what long-time fans already knew: never touch Hisoka.


2. During His First Hunter Exam, He Killed 20 Examinees

Hisoka’s initial deed during Gon’s Hunter Exam was terrifying, but it was far from his worst. Hisoka’s earlier attempt at the Hunter Exam had earned him some notoriety among the Hunter Association.

While someone of his calibre and ability could have easily passed the exam with flying colours, he decided that the only colour he needed was death.

Hisoka had supposedly killed 20 other participants during the exam but was only disqualified after injuring an examiner, making him legendary among the other examinees and examiners to this day.

If the other potential Hunters had been paying attention, they would have realised that Hisoka would be a far more formidable opponent than anything else the Hunter Association could concoct.


3. Agon was assassinated in a fit of rage.

The Hunter Exam includes a section where candidates must steal another person’s badge while defending their own. If you lose either, you’ll have to gather even more badges from other individuals.

While others clung to their badges with avarice, Hisoka sauntered across the arena unconcerned, seemingly inviting others to grab his.

Because all of the participants had learned Hisoka’s nasty ways by this point, several of them kept their distance for the duration of the exam.

Hisoka’s blood boiled without an outlet for his need for blood, and he eventually charged at the first person he spotted. It’s also a pity. Agon appeared to be a fascinating individual.


4. When Gon wasn’t in danger, he killed Geretta.

Hisoka had no idea that Gon had been the one who had stolen his badge. The small child tried his hardest to train and hide his presence. With more guts than anybody else in the exam, Gon worked up the nerve to steal from Hisoka, and he succeeded in stealing the magician’s tag.

Unfortunately for him, another examinee, Geretta, was following him and exploited Gon’s astonishment to shock him and grab his badge.

Hisoka, pleased by Gon’s ability, decides to help him out by returning his badge to Geretta. Hisoka doesn’t only take things or knock people out, which is unfortunate for Geretta. As wonderful as the gesture was, Hisoka aided Gon in the most heinous manner possible.

5. The Phantom Troupe was sold to Kurapika.

While it’s common knowledge that criminals have no honour, Hisoka selling out the Phantom Troupe is nevertheless a little shocking.


The Troupe is made up of a ragtag gang of misfits that only want to help one another and steal things. Despite some minor squabbles, viewers of the series have come to realise that, as dark as they may seem, they truly do see each other as family.

That is why Hisoka’s repeated betrayal of them is so painful. He provides Kurapika as much information on the spiders as he can the moment he gets the chance, just so he can have some alone time to combat Chrollo Lucifer.

6. The Phantom Troupe Was Lied To

To be fair, the Phantom Troupe is fortunate that Hisoka just lied to them in this situation. Anyone who has seen Hisoka’s list of sins knows that he is capable of far worse. However, what Hisoka does here should not be overlooked.

Hisoka uses his Nen ability, Texture Surprise, to hide his money after Chrollo steals the ability to read the future. His fortune predicts that several ants would die soon, and that he will get the opportunity to confront Chrollo.


However, before anybody else can read it, he alters his fortune to make it appear as if he is in danger, and manages to enlist the help of the exact people he is attempting to betray to protect him for the remainder of the arc. Hisoka is a genius, even if he is an evil genius.

7. Several Hunters Were Killed During The Election Scenario

Hisoka assists Illumi during his attempt to catch Killua and Alluka before the two try to heal a near-death Gon on his way to eventually fighting Illumi (and possibly Killua). Given that the two kill a lot of bystanders along the road, their activities attract the attention of the Hunter Association. Hisoka not only sends out a slew of Hunters for Illumi, but he also dabbles in the Hunter Association.

Hisoka assassinates Teradein Neutral, one of the leading candidates in the Chairman Election, either because the old man set the order against him or simply because the clown enjoys stirring the pot.

8. Gotoh was killed.

When Gotoh initially debuted, he became an instant fan favourite. Over Killua, it’s simple to turn a person like Gotoh into a severe, no-fun dictator.


The stoic butler, on the other hand, came across as a caring and compassionate father concerned for his lovely child. No one ever suspected Gotoh, a perfect blend of strength and lovable likability, of having any death flags over his head, despite the fact that they flowed like a procession as soon as Hisoka entered the room.

Gotoh confronted the magician head-on in an attempt to protect Killua, and he appeared to have the strength and willpower to do so. In another of Hisoka’s Lethal Pop Quizzes, however, he manages to kill him quickly and shamefully.

9. Shalnark and Kortopi were killed.

While Hisoka did betray the Phantom Troupe during the Yorknew City Arc, he didn’t appear to be eager to destroy the Phantom Troupe’s legs on his own.

Until he does, that is. Hisoka takes it upon himself to adjust the context of his next confrontation with Chrollo Lucifer after losing in the duel he always desired. Hisoka took control of the Phantom Troupe after removing all control from the spider’s captain.


The small Kortopi and the smiling Shalnark occurred to be his first two victims. He unexpectedly attacked them and dumped their rotting remains in the middle of a playground, sending a message to the Troupe and any unsuspecting children.

10. During His Fight With Chrollo Lucifer, He Killed Several Bystanders

To be fair, Chrollo Lucifer has some responsibility for creating a splash zone in Heavens Arena. However, it’s not as if Hisoka didn’t appreciate and exploit the fact that the audience was effectively a weapon in and of itself.

Hisoka and Chrollo Lucifer employ the entire Heavens Arena in their epic fight to the death in their long-awaited confrontation.

That includes the hapless crowd who believed they were watching a performance. Chrollo would begin manipulating and blowing up random passers-by. As if he were being served tennis balls, Hisoka would swat them away. These two don’t get along at all.


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