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Can’t Talk, I’m Busy Being Hot – Centralfallout


hot girlMegan Thee Stallion, a rapper, and social media activist strike back at beauty gatekeepers. Edwyna Estime was wearing a hot girl unflattering, heavy graduation gown. It was charcoal in color and reached her ankles. She had never felt so hotter.

She was about to graduate from law school, and she found it extremely hot.

“That was a three-year process,” Ms. Estime, 26, said

She added, “This is what I’m hot right now.”

she is just one of many people who are expanding the definitions of hotness beyond what was associated with attractiveness. The hotness is no longer limited to how you look, it includes how you feel about yourself and how you interact with the world.

Many people who advocate for the formalization of the term opposition also want to ensure that you do not jump to conclusions before knowing if the person is, in fact, hot.  Hotness to them is self-declaration. The hotness is not something that can be seen in the eyes of one person only. It’s a feeling. It’s a feeling.

Emily Sundberg (a Brooklyn-based editor and filmmaker aged 28) was enjoying spaghetti when she realized that she was being hot.

It was not glamorous. It was a simple weeknight meal at the kitchen counter. Ms. Sundberg was wearing a pair of glasses and workout clothes. She felt the need to record herself as she swirled the pasta strands onto her fork, and managed to get most of them into her mouth. She stared blankly into the camera as she chewed with Kanye West’s “Jail” playing in the background. 6. In a matter of seconds, comments started flooding into her DMs.

She said that her selfie had “activated some want in my reply boys’,” using the term used for those who comment on social media posts without being asked. One wrote, “U snapped.” Another wrote, “Marry me!”

Ms. Sundberg stated, “You don’t need to ask permission to be hot on the internet.” You can perform in your own space, and you can create your own power dynamics with your audience. Being hot online is pure, and it’s not what social media was intended for originally.

Women have been celebrating their graduations by posting photos of themselves wearing caps and gowns on social media. One University of Nevada, Las Vegas graduate wrote “Real hot girls majoring in STEM.”

Ariana Nathani (25-year-old podcaster, and event planner) has noticed the new use of “hot”.

She said, “There isn’t one thing that defines what is hot.” “It’s confidence. It’s how you dress and present yourself to others. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be perfectly balanced and physically fit.

This isn’t what I consider desirable anymore. “Our definitions of attraction and attractiveness have changed so much.”

David Ko, an interior designer from Los Angeles, has a growing collection of banal phenomena he considers to be hot. These include tanning, vacations, sugar-free candy and trucker hats.

Mr. Ko, 30 said that there was a “campiness” to the idea.

This ironic tone is loud and clear on social networks. TikTok users post videos of themselves doing hot activities since 2020. The clips begin with a clip of Megan Thee Stallion’s Coach commercial in which she explains that she’s too busy being hot and can’t speak right now. These videos show students cleaning out student housing with sponges, and brushes and doing homework on Saturday nights.

Nylon reported that tinned fish is a “hot boy food” and Vice observed the rise in popularity of the “hot girls walk,” which encourages young girls to take four-mile walks and focus on their self-affirming thoughts in three areas.

These are: what they are grateful for, how they plan on accomplishing them; how hot they are; and what they are grateful to. In the video, Ms. Lind stated that you should not think about boys or any drama.

She stated in an interview that she wanted to “ungatekeep” the feeling she had of being hot by her hot girl dance, taking it away from male-gaze arbiters, who treat everyday life as a beauty pageant.

Ms. Lind said that being hot was really possible, and more accessible than ever before thought. She also credited Megan Thee Stallion for her inspiration. “I believe there’s a huge reclamation of the word hot.”

Since Ms. Lind’s explanation video was posted almost three million times, the hot girl walk has been popular; the hashtag #hotgirlwalk has received more than 280,000,000 views.

Ms. Lind, 23, said that “the hot girl walk requires a mindset.” Building confidence is one of the main pillars to the hot girl’s walk. It is a way to confront negative self-talk and feel a sense of hotness.

Ashlee Bennett, a Melbourne-based psychotherapist and author of “The Art of Body Acceptance”, sees the new use of the word as a step toward self-empowerment.

Ms. Bennett stated in an email that “it’s a form of rebel and a way of reclaiming the narrative

Ms. Bennett stated in an email that “it’s a form of rebel and a way of reclaiming the narrative, especially after the damage done to fashion magazines of the 1990s and 00s.” “I believe social media has helped us expand the idea of ‘what is hot,’ even though it does have its faults,” Ms. Bennett said in an email.

According to Kelly E. Wright (sociolinguist, and doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan), the word “hot” has become more than a mere description of physical temperature. Wright is a sociolinguist. “Over time the ways of being hot included passion. fury. frenzy. lust. or deep interest.

Paris Hilton also used that phrase to describe her early 2000s catchphrase, “That’s Hot.” The meaning of the word expanded further into the 1920s to include sexual desire.

Rachel Elizabeth Weissler is a University of Oregon researcher who specializes in linguistics. She said many of the words and phrases that are common online, such as “hot,” “on fleek”, and “kiki”, have roots in BIPOC or queer communities. They become part of “TikTok talk” and are seen as such, which she called “semantic bleaching.”

 She cited her 2020 song “Body” as an example.

She said, “It’s going to be a hot summer for hot girls. We will be happy. We will be happy.

Ms. Estime is a recent law school graduate. Her next big moment will be when she passes her bar exam.

She said that “when I get those September results,” it would be “the hottest moment” for her.

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