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How Are The Digital Learning Platforms Empowering Students?



Digital Learning Platforms

Digital Learning Platforms

The best learners are not always the most tech-savvy ones when it comes to navigating distant learning situations. They are the most independent, though. They take initiative and find solutions to issues. They are the learners who have the capacity to act as their own initiators and managers. 

They are the ones who feel a sense of responsibility for their education. We must instead concentrate on empowering students rather than just focusing on engagement, for this reason.

Keep in mind that all three are required in a distance learning setting. There is a place and a time for empowerment, compliance, and involvement. We must consider times when we have less choice and concentrate on increased engagement since students can experience cognitive overload if they have too much choice and agency. (, 2020) 

There are occasions when you may even want the pupils to follow particular rules in order for them to be obedient. However, we aim to eventually concentrate on certain strategies for empowering our students. Here are some examples:

1. Let students self-select the scaffolds

Teaching students where to find particular learning resources and then making them all available to your class is the objective. In order to differentiate teaching, create scaffolds using front-loaded vocabulary or phrase stems. 

You might also offer Business Assignment Help that cover both technical support and intellectual topics. However, it is intended for pupils to be self-directed so that they can respond, “I know where to go for support and I know what to do,” when faced with difficulties.

2. Offer online assignments with options and flexibility

The most effective ways to gradually introduce student voice and choice is through a simple choice menu. Using British Assignment Help to provide your online assignments flexibility and choice is a subsequent piece.

3. Enable students to take control of the creative process

Distance learning should eventually incorporate artistic endeavors. This frequently entails moving distance learning offline. Design sprints or divergent thinking exercises may be used for this. Or it might be a bigger PBL unit for distance learning.

4. Promoting student empowerment through group learning

Working alone is not necessary when studying remotely. Through more intense collaboration, students can own their learning using both synchronous and asynchronous resources. The secret is to create remote learning assignments that make use of both interdependency and structure.

5. Allow project-based learning

Utilize this chance to motivate students to engage in experiential learning. Allow them to select how to carry out a task or demonstrate their learning whenever it’s possible.

  • There are no students in the classes.
  • They are in their individual settings.

They have inventive ideas and are aware of the materials they have and do not have. Give open-ended assignments and allow students decide how to demonstrate their learning.

For instance, if you’re studying a book, let students opt to utilize internet tools to produce a poster, dress up as a character, make a skit with their siblings, or bake something from a recipe the character mentions. Right now, there are a ton of options for creativity and self-expression.

Even though it’s dubbed “e-learning,” keep in mind that the internet is only the delivery system for the content. Offline study, participation, and creation are all possible.

6. Bring On The Fur!

Every day, your students leave their homes to travel to school and to their classrooms. They are urged to leave “home at home” at this period. As pupils get older, they are urged to concentrate on their studies.

In an online learning setting, this is no longer practicable. Students are surrounded by home whether we are meeting in real-time video conferencing or giving them content to study at their own speed.

It is unrealistic to expect pupils to devote all of their attention to their studies in this setting, so it is important to take the student into account as a full person.

Say hello if a younger sibling is seen on camera. Ask the cat’s name if a student posts a picture of their cat dressed as a character from the book they are studying.

The time is now to teach children that learning takes place all day, every day, outside of the classroom.

The Good News About E-Learning

The good news is that most students have extensive experience with the platform on which we now conduct our classes. More often than not than the teacher they collaborate with.  (Gherheș. 2021)

Our students have grown up in a world full of technology. They have swiped and texted innumerable times throughout their lives, so they are accustomed to it.

This means that while teachers are learning about video conferencing and how to remember to turn on the webcam, our students are making use of their prior experience with services like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Facetime.

  • They succeed, and they win.
  • They are adept at video conferencing.
  • Technology doesn’t scare off students.
  • They might attempt to zoom in, move around, or change their digital environment.

With these new technological tools, they are willing to attempt new things, fail, and try again.

They have been trained via years of interaction with various technologies that involve swiping, clicking, and moving digital tools.

Barriers to E-Learning

Lessons were adapted by teachers to fit the constraints of e-learning, and students learned to connect from desks, bedrooms, kitchens, and back porches.

  • Unfortunately, there are far more obstacles to e-learning than a carefully thought-out lecture.
  • Many pupils lack access to dependable technology or internet service.
  • Many others lack access to adults who can help them learn the topic at home.
  • Learning Management systems become overloaded.
  • There is a significant learning curve for technology.

We now expect students to get familiar with new platforms, technologies, procedures, and websites. All of this occurred without the teachers’ actual presence, who they had learned to rely on for guidance.

There is a steep learning curve. Parents, teachers, and kids. Some students believe they have lost control of their education and, in some circumstances, their entire universe as a result of this abrupt transformation, which occurred without the chance to preview and teach the new abilities.


BAW. 2020. (The Age Of E-Learning) Online available at Accessed on [October 29, 2020]

Gherheș. 2021. (E-learning vs. face-to-face learning: Analyzing students’ preferences and behaviors) Online available at Accessed on [14 April 2021]

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How Websites Helps To Promote YouTube Channel Online In 2023



How Websites Helps To Promote YouTube Channel Online In 2023

With 1.5 billion users, YouTube is the second-largest social media platform worldwide. YouTube is a popular destination for teens, and most of them favour it above all other websites. Because of this, digital ad spending for the first time surpassed television last year. Television is being quickly replaced by YouTube. What factors are used when YouTube ranks videos and to promote YouTube channel?


On YouTube, videos are ranked according to the following criteria:


  • The level of the video terms to use on the channel
  • The duration of the video and the total number of viewers
  • Customer experience metrics
  • Thumbnails


YouTube prioritises audience retention, or how long viewers watch a video, if there’s one thing to keep in mind. Similar to how it works with popular websites, when users view a video for a lengthy amount of time, YouTube recognises the content as high-quality and ranks it higher in search results. A long-form video strategy should be incorporated into the mix to keep viewers interested for longer given that consumers are spending more time on YouTube.


Don’t be hesitant to upload lengthier videos, even though some content is better suited to shorter ones and to get more YouTube subsribers by promote YouTube channel. YouTube videos can be seen in Google search results as well. How to increase your chances of ranking: Create content that provides instructions. Create a guide Don’t forget to be humorous.

Let’s briefly go over the five steps to promote YouTube channel:


Carry out in-depth keyword research 


The YouTube algorithm takes into account keywords in the channel description, video titles, video descriptions, and tags. Think about it: What are my YouTube subscribers looking for? Utilize what you’ve learnt to research the methods your target audience uses to find that content. Are they looking specifically for “How to” or anything else? A great place to start on YouTube is auto-suggest. Let’s say the topic of your video is how to wear damaged jeans.You may get a good sense of what people are searching for on YouTube and what to label your video by using YouTube auto-suggest. When conducting keyword research, you should also utilise Google Keyword Planner,, or to assess volume and competitiveness.


Improve the optimization of your movie (before and after uploading) 


Without a doubt, this is the most important step. Both before and after uploading, optimization is crucial to successfully increase organic views. Here are some suggestions on how to improve it before uploading. Use professional editing software and high-definition videography. Use a primary keyword in the file name of your upload. Suggestions for post-upload improvement Make simple, natural titles that contain one or two keywords. Create titles with a maximum length of 70 characters. Use high-volume, low-competition keywords in your descriptions.A core keyword should be used often in your video descriptions, which should be between 100 and 200 words long. Give your search results a unique thumbnail to help you stand out. Include topical and pertinent video tags. In order to provide your viewers realistic expectations, keep your information naturalistic.


Fill out the “About” field.


Your company’s YouTube profile is prime real estate for incorporating market keywords as well as expressing your brand story and channel description. As much information as you can provide, such as links to your social media profiles and the website of your business. You should also utilise keyword meta tags, which can be found under “Advanced” in channel settings, to describe your channel. All-inclusive channels stand out and are given a higher ranking.


Keep a consistent upload schedule.


YouTube recognises active channels, and the more videos you upload, the more influential your channel will be. This can include publishing once, twice, or even twice a month. You should upload at regular intervals and post when your target audience is most active on the network.


Consider original strategies to maintain your audience’s interest. 


Finally, learn novel ways to engage your viewers so that they will continue to watch for a long time. As was already said, YouTube gives a lot of weight to whether or not users are watching videos. High view rates and audience retention affect organic performance. Here are some more suggestions for engaging your audience:Ask them to subscribe. Employ end screens and cards to point viewers to other videos. Utilize your videos to create playlists. Hold enjoyable contests. Never stop getting better. Optimization is important if you want to increase your YouTube audience naturally. It takes a good video and proper keyword implementation across titles, descriptions, and tags to stand out in YouTube’s crowded search results.

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Best Tips To Advertise YouTube Channel



advertise YouTube channel

You want to advertise your music on YouTube, right? I got it. More than 2 billion individuals are active on the site each month to advertise YouTube channel, and nearly half of those people only use it to listen to music.

 Best YouTube promotion services are listed below for your consideration:

  • Promozle
  • You Grow

I’ll go over the list above, then after that, I’ll briefly discuss the strategy  to advertise YouTube channel for seeking YouTube promotion in the first place. In other words, you probably shouldn’t spend money on promotion if you don’t know what you want from it. And if you do spend money on promotion, you should do it with an eye towards creating a community rather than merely boosting vanity metrics. (More on that is below.)

Alright, let’s get started.


This one might not surprise you if you’ve followed Two Story Melody at all (or if, for some reason, you’ve already scrolled to the bottom of this page). Yes,  Promozle is skilled in this area, and yes, I work with him.

Promozle honesty is one of my favorite qualities in him. If he doesn’t think a song will succeed, he won’t market it; he won’t try to upsell you into spending a lot for unnecessary promotion. He also avoids using bots. Check out this comment from a client on his website:

Promozle doesn’t set up false expectations,” the statement reads. “If he doesn’t think a song will perform well with any of his marketing packages, he will tell you so.”

That has also been confirmed to me.  Promozle manages paid advertising campaigns, playlist placements, and channels. He’s definitely an excellent alternative to help you achieve your YouTube goals, and with an entry fee of $77, he’s rather inexpensive even if your budget is tight.


Another excellent choice for promoting music on YouTube of hip hop promotion services to Grow your music.

These folks were the first ones I came across while researching Spotify promotion firms; it turns out that YouTube is another area of interest for them. I’ve spoken to team members and can vouch for the fact that they are a) real people, and b) incredibly open.

As you can see from their landing page, targeted advertising are their main technique of video promotion. Campaigns are launched at extremely affordable costs; you can try out their service for $124. They put a heavy emphasis on channel engagement overall. They phrased it like this:

We want to promote your entire channel with that song, not just your song. The objective is to attract subscribers who will interact with your content going forward.

I agree with it because I believe that too many artists focus too much on vanity metrics for singles when real fandom involves exploring more complex artistic expression. In any case, you can get information on their common view / like ratios and other stats like that here if you’re interested in learning more about their business.

Last but not least, although I haven’t used You Grow for a YouTube campaign, I have used their Spotify services and seen good results, which is why I am an affiliate. Although I’m hoping to try YouTube soon (and will update this report when I do), for the time being, based on my interactions with their team, I am still confident in recommending them for YouTube video promotion.

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With 5 Best Services You Should Try Real Music Promotion In 2023



With 5 Best Services You Should Try Real music promotion in 2023

The most advanced and beneficial discovery of all time is technology. The modern world is so reliant on the Internet that people can’t even imagine life without it. Technology has advanced significantly and made a variety of contributions. This is the reason why anyone can try to do real music promotion with their best effort to achieve the goal. 

Every minute, new hardware and software are created. Every service the Internet gives is being improved by them. Social media is one of the key factors in the Internet’s extraordinary growth where you can do real music promotion.


One of the top YouTube promotion services in the world is known as Promozle. They have excellent analytical methods, tools to monitor progress graphs, and associated channels.

They are able to market content on YouTube with great confidence because to this. They monitor the advancement of your rivals and, using highly innovative yet refined tactics for real music promotion, assist you in achieving your objectives.

Ninety-five percent of users on social media in the US are between the ages of 24 and 35, according to surveys done by these sites.

Many businesses aren’t equipped to handle the networking aspect of the business, but Promozle can assist you there as well. The YouTube promotion services sector should be proud of this website.

They constantly update their industry and offer incredibly inventive best YouTube music promotion services. They offer excellent growth services to their customers, assisting them in steadily increasing their popularity.

Consider Promozle if you want a reasonably priced service for real music promotion. That puts a lot of effort into getting your channel in front of lots of people. enables you to purchase YouTube subscribers, views, comments, and likes. You may get live customer service from them every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

Within 36 days of placing your order, they begin to provide the service. 100 YouTube subscribers are available for $11.99 and 200 for $20.00 USD.

By raising your reach numbers, they assist you in extending your reach through real music promotion. They assist you in developing a fan base and a dependable group of subscribers so that your preferences and opinions are upheld. This could increase your internet popularity and reputation.

Views Expert

Videos on YouTube are promoted in a variety of ways by Views Expert. Although they specialize in increasing YouTube views, they also provide services to boost your comments, likes, subscribers, and shares. You can purchase 500 views for just $3 and 1500 views for just $9.

Some of the company’s unique features include round-the-clock client service. To enhance the amount of views on your channel, no password is necessary.

Your requested service for real music promotion will be provided within one to two days, and it will be of extremely high caliber. Refill is guaranteed, and you can stop receiving the packets at any time if you’re not happy with their service.

Around the world, Social Packages has served more than a million clients. To advertise you and ensure that you are not put at risk, they use legal and reliable ways.

A fantastic group of professionals who are well-versed in computer languages, digital marketing, and ethics make up SocialPackages’ staff. They are skilled at keeping your trust and they take great care to protect your privacy.

Within a few hours of placing your order, the results will start to appear in your channel. You may continue working with their highly skilled team to do real music promotion properly and keeping track of your progress via live chat and email. Social Packages offers high-quality services with the highest level of safety., a very well-liked website that focuses on boosting Instagram likes, may also assist you in raising the amount of YouTube video likes. No password is necessary, and there is no privacy invasion. The views that Fast likes’ clients get from all over the world are guaranteed.

They have quick deliveries and very reasonable, deserving prices. They start at 9.99 dollars for 1500 views and go up to $36.99 for 7000 views.

Simply choose the bundle that fits your financial range when you want to do real music promotion. The site will then process the purchase after you submit your page URL and make it public. Allow the team to handle your requirements after that, so you can sit back and unwind.

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