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How Can We Use Technology For Good?



Despite the advancements in technology, we still need to ask ourselves: can we use technology for good? This article will explore different ways we can use technology for good. From genealogy to telemedicine, technology is used for good in a wide variety of fields. It is becoming more prevalent and is increasingly useful for people of all ages. This fun technology age quiz will show you if you’re ahead of your time when it comes to using technology, or are you stuck in the past. Take it and compare how your technological and chronological ages compares to each other.

Technology For Good

Below we will look at ways in which we can use technology to benefit society.


How can technology be used for a good purpose?

The advancements in technology are impacting every aspect of our lives – from communication to learning and thinking. They also affect how we interact with others and how we do our jobs. There are benefits and drawbacks to these advances. Let’s explore a few ways that technology can help improve our world. A business can use technology to benefit its customers. Here are some examples of ways that technology benefits businesses.

New technologies make it easier to track the traceability of products and services. For example, AI-powered drug research pushes drug discovery, while personal lifestyle wearables can monitor your health. New advances in technology have made it easier for businesses to meet social responsibility standards and improve their supply chains. For example, the Modern Slavery Act requires companies to make their supply chains more transparent and disclose their practices in order to comply with the law.

Using technology for a good purpose can improve public health by bringing greater efficiency to complex health systems. For example, cannabis, which is still a Schedule 1 drug by the FDA, has undergone extensive medical research. The results of this research are now available to medical professionals. Thanks to specialized software, marijuana research can be compared with other drugs. This way, we could understand if marijuana is beneficial for human health and thus make it more accessible.

How is the use of technology expanding?

As people become increasingly reliant on technology to improve their lives, the ways it’s used in the classrooms also expand. Teachers are challenged to use data-driven instructional practices, create customized learning experiences, close achievement gaps, and prepare students for the 21st century economy. Fortunately, technology is helping teachers accomplish these goals. Common classroom uses of technology include enhancing current lessons, expanding teaching and learning opportunities, and fostering collaboration between students and teachers with different learning styles.


The benefits of new technologies are numerous. In fact, they can create new jobs and industries, as well as generate new sources of income. In the United States, for example, in the last decade, nearly one-third of new jobs were in industries that didn’t exist a decade ago. These include IT development, hardware manufacturing, app creation, and IT systems management. Many studies have shown that the net impact of new technologies is positive. In France, for example, the Internet destroyed 500,000 jobs over 15 years, while creating 1.2 million new ones. Thus, for every job destroyed by technology, 2.4 is created.

As technology continues to improve, so too must our educational system. The American economy depends on students graduating from high school prepared for college and careers. Fortunately, momentum is building to improve learning opportunities for students at all levels of school. But while most efforts have focused on elementary and middle school students, there is a lack of improvement among many high school students. But by incorporating technology into the classroom and developing partnerships with employers, 2-year colleges, and community organizations, schools can accelerate the pace of improvement.

How people of every age can use the technology app

One of the most important things to consider when designing a mobile application for elderly users is their visual capabilities. Older people usually have poor vision, so UI with 60-point text may be annoying. Instead, keep font size below 12 points. Also, remember that some elderly can control the font size on their screen, but this will interfere with the app’s functionality. Instead, break content up into smaller sections.

How can technology be used for better education?

One of the most exciting new developments in education is how technology can be used to individualize learning. Technology allows teachers to use computer networks to prescribe individual learning paths for students. Many integrated learning systems offer thousands of lessons and lockstep textbooks, allowing students to move at their own pace while developing strong foundations. Moreover, students can interact with others by interacting with devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones.


Technology has made it easier to communicate with parents and schools. Increasing access to education has made it possible for parents to get real-time updates about their children’s grades, attendance, and classroom behavior. Through the school’s learning management system, parents can directly contact teachers and administrators. 

As technology continues to grow and develop, the amount of information that can be accessed is huge. It is now easier to access tons of educational materials and the latest scientific information, and personal computing has given rise to new tools and techniques. All these improvements can help students learn better. Even books have been updated. Earlier, books were black and white with extremely small fonts. In many cases, these were the only sources of information for students. Today, they can access textbooks and other educational materials online.

How can technology be used for easier job search?

With a talent shortage in today’s world, organizations are turning to technology and social media to help recruit top candidates. Companies can now target their marketing to attract like-minded applicants through social media. Mobile apps can connect employers with top candidates. This can be a huge advantage for job seekers. In addition to mobile apps, organizations can use these tools to expand their network and reach. With these advancements, job seekers are now more equipped than ever before.

Using technology to find and apply for jobs has also facilitated the recruitment process. With the rise of social media, employers can now easily find niche-skilled candidates without wasting time contacting each business directly. Additionally, candidates can create an online profile to connect with recruiters and apply for jobs with the click of a button. Recruit’em also helps candidates find recruiters and reach them through LinkedIn.


Another advantage of technology is the ability to do extensive research on anyone, anywhere, anytime. With access to the internet, a person can find any information they need, instantly. Using tech to build relationships is a great tool, but don’t limit yourself to using it. LinkedIn, for example, is an excellent way to build relationships with employers and other workers. But, as with any tool, it’s important to remember that there’s no substitute for real-life relationships.

How technology is constantly evolving

We live in an age of rapid technological evolution. Each generation of computers, mobile phones, and industrial equipment evolves faster than the last. Humans are responsible for the earliest technology generations, and the invention of the computer is often the result of their own ideas. Alan Turing is credited with conceptualizing the Turing Machine, a computer that carries out complex calculations. Since its conception, many people have built on Turing’s idea, and we are now able to create more sophisticated versions of ourselves with the help of a computer.

Technological advancements are changing life in many parts of the world in both positive and negative ways. As scholars, we need to understand how they can influence society. While there are no laws preventing technological advancement, social, political, and legal tools can be used to guide its development in a positive direction. Given the pace of change, shaping technology can seem impossible, but a great deal of the work is being done to implement regulations. For example, many countries are only just beginning to regulate computer technology and are rethinking rules regarding global data flows and technology exchange across borders.

In 2005, the Pew Research Center ranked the financial condition of the average American as “good.” The Gallup poll found that most Americans were satisfied with their country, and Donald Trump is successfully running on that slogan. The pace of technological evolution is accelerating and will continue to increase through 2020, but there are still some limitations that will hinder its ability to make a positive impact on society. But the benefits of the rapid growth of technology are immeasurable.


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