How does a Specialist Make a Garage Door Hurricane Proof?

November 30, 2021
Garage Door Hurricane Proof

How does a Specialist Make a Garage Door Hurricane Proof?: Not a single two-wheeler or four-wheeler owner can deny the importance of a professional garage door technician’s role.

Aside from repairing a wide range of problems with commercial and residential garage doors, these specialists also help reinforce garage doors to withstand a hurricane. Installing a storm-resistant garage door in an effective way is a hassle-free task for them.

How does a Specialist Make a Garage Door Hurricane Proof?

Garage Door Hurricane Proof

Ensure you invest in this type of door to protect your garage and the car inside against severe storms. Every year, hurricanes damage over 80 percent of residences and commercial buildings that allow wind to enter through garage doors. You might not be aware, but it is essential to know that a garage door is the largest and weakest opening in residential or commercial premises.

Contact a professional who provides reliable services related to garage door repair Williamsburg if you want someone to evaluate the storm enduring ability of your garage door. Investing in a premium quality wind-proof garage door or fortifying the existing one will help safeguard your property and reduce your insurance premiums. 

Reading further down will enable you to learn about the things that a specialist carries out to make garage doors capable of withstanding hurricanes.

Garage Door Bracing Kit Installation

A professional technician knows the right way to brace a garage door using a bracing kit. Doing so can help improve the strength of the door and prevent it from succumbing to tropical storms. Those who can handle a drill machine well can install these braces on their own.

However, it’s advisable and safe at the same time to seek complete assistance from a specialist. Keep in mind that making a replacement of loose screws with longer variants is crucial to help make the door of your garage storm-resistant.

Hurricane Panel Installation

Either these systems are using a series of metal or panels made from aluminum. Affixing the same to the exterior part of your garage door and securing each panel with screws can improve the capacity of the garage door to resist violent storms. Many people install these systems to protect the front doors and windows of their homes and offices. 

Garage Door Netting Installation

Many garage door hurricane reinforcement service providers help clients install garage door netting. Keep in mind if you want to install it, you have to do the same prior to the onset of a hurricane. Netting has reportedly prevented many garage doors from falling in the middle of strong winds and very heavy rainfall in the last few years. 

Electrical Wiring Inspection

Aside from the aforementioned ones, a garage door specialist with extensive years of experience also conducts a thorough electrical wiring inspection. The presence of frayed or exposed electrical wires may severely damage the garage, the car, and the entire property if your garage is inundated because of a severe tropical storm and downpour. 

Final Thoughts

Keeping your garage functional should be your priority as it keeps your car safe and secure. So, get in touch with a specialist who can help you make your garage door capable enough to withstand hurricanes and protect your car and property.

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