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How live streaming has changed the way we watch sports



live streaming

Modern sports fans are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing how they watch their favorite sports, teams, players, and competitions. If you are a lover of T20 cricket or soccer, perhaps tennis is more your thing, or maybe you are a thoroughbred horse racing fan at heart. The extent of the live coverage available on the biggest and best games means there’s now no need to miss out. Never again will you be forced to check a results service, frantically refreshing the page to check how your team got on.

The preferred method of viewing for many sports fans is to purchase a ticket and attend the match in person. That way, they can soak up the atmosphere, see the players perform in person and share in the celebration of a hard-fought win with fellow supporters. If you are a dedicated sports fan, you’ll know nothing beats being at the match and enjoying the show. For the big fixtures, you are watching history being made. Any other form of following the sport doesn’t compare.

What if you can’t make it along to the game, either due to travel, work commitments or finances? The next best thing is to watch the play from the comfort of your own home on television. But there’s another way, one that works even if you are out of the house during the match and can’t access a TV screen. The leading online bookies, from the mobile apps of the United Kingdom to the top sports betting in Maryland sites, allow customers to watch major sporting events through a live stream, and it’s completely free of charge.


Live streaming is fast becoming the preferred way to watch sport because it allows viewers to fit it around their daily schedule. But what is all the fuss about? Isn’t live streaming sports frustrating, low quality and full of interruptions? No, that’s no longer the case. Read on to find out more, including how you can watch live sports on your smartphone free of charge.

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Times have changed

The live streaming of sports isn’t what it once was. Times have changed. When they first became popular, viewers were stuck with a sketchy stream plagued by interruptions for loading and buffering. Often the feed would stop then disappear; sometimes, the commentary was in another language, and the camera angles were poor, to say the least. What’s more, these types of streams were illegal and, as a result, were pulled down often. It was all very unreliable and ranked as the worst way to watch sport.

Those problems are no longer an issue. Today, live streams are legal, well managed and fit for purpose. They are HD quality with clear sound, expert commentary, exciting camera angles and no interruptions. Accompanying the live stream is up to the minute stats, live scores, updates from other games, and more. You have everything in one place. 


You can view it on your laptop or when on the move using a smartphone. Turn everyday scenarios like the commute home from work into a chance to watch and cheer on your favourite teams. All you need is available mobile data or a reliable Wi-Fi connection, and you are away. The quality of the stream is as good as you’d expect to find on any television, ensuring you can relax and enjoy the show.

Where to find the best streams/streaming

The best live streams are offered by online bookmakers, and they do this to encourage members to sign-up and place a bet on the action. The biggest and best bookies offer in-play betting odds, and you’ll find these alongside the live action. You can watch the race, match or fight on the live stream and track the in-play betting odds. 

Stay on the lookout for value, and if you see a pattern emerging, such as a player threatening to score or two defensive teams, act quickly and place a bet. If you have placed a bet on the outcome of a sports match, you will be granted free access to the live stream. Some bookies, even all members free access to the stream if they have cash available in their balance to place an in-play bet, and that may just be 0.50 to qualify.

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