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How To Cancel Paramount Plus On Amazon (Latest Update)



How To Cancel Paramount Plus: If Amazon Prime members don’t like the programming on the Paramount+ channel on Prime Video, they can quickly cancel their subscription.

Not only is Paramount+ available as a standalone service through the Paramount+ app, but it is also available as an Amazon Prime Video optional channel. It’s one of the many third-party channels available on Prime Video, which also include Hallmark Movies Now, Showtime, MLB TV, NBA League Pass, Discovery Plus, and others.

The various third-party channels are optional add-ons for Prime users that cost extra on top of the annual Amazon Prime subscription fee.


Not only does Paramount+ provide on-demand entertainment and originals, but it also provides live TV streaming for all CBS broadcasts. The ad-free plan costs $9.99 per month, while the base pack with advertisements costs $5.99 per month. While it’s a terrific method to catch up on a variety of stuff, anyone who isn’t happy with the service may quickly cancel it.

On the Amazon website, Prime members can cancel their memberships to any Prime Video channel. Log into your Amazon account on a computer using a web browser, and then click on ‘Account & Lists’ beneath the account holder’s name in the top-right corner to cancel Paramount+.

Then select ‘Memberships & Subscriptions’ from the drop-down menu. The user will see all of their active subscriptions on the next page. Click ‘Cancel Channel’ next to Paramount Plus under ‘Prime Video Channels.’ To terminate your Paramount+ subscription on Amazon Prime Video, confirm your decision.

Subscription to Paramount+: Refund

After cancelling a subscription, consumers can request a self-service refund for the time remaining on their current subscription period. Users can use this option to cancel their subscription right away and receive a refund. They can, on the other hand, choose to cancel their subscription at the end of the current monthly cycle.


This means that the channel will stay available until the end of the current subscription cycle, and the user’s account will not be refunded. During this time, users will be able to reverse their cancellation process if they change their minds.

Given the overwhelming number of apps and services accessible online, subscribing to third-party channels on Amazon is a wonderful method to manage subscriptions to numerous streaming platforms.

However, not everything is to everyone’s liking, which is why some services may need to be cancelled from time to time. While Paramount+ is a wonderful service with fascinating material, anyone who are dissatisfied with it can quickly cancel it using Amazon Prime Video.


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