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How to choose shelving for your garage


shelving for your garage

Capacity and size

The first thing you should consider is the size of the shelves and whether they will fit into your garage. Measuring the space that you want to put the shelves in is the obvious first step. Then comes the capacity of the shelves.

How much do you need to fit on them and how much can you fit on the ones you may have set your eye on? You may want to consider an option with more shelves but smaller space between them if you are storing smaller things. Alternatively, you may need deeper shelves to store bigger or longer tools.

Types of shelves

The next thing to look into is the materials the shelves are made from; how sturdy they are and if they can accommodate the weight of tools or other things you will be storing on them. We are going to look into four options:

1. Metal

Metal shelves are more durable but also more expensive than wooden ones. However, they can hold heavy loads like bigger tools and even car parts. So, if you need something that will be more durable and withstand heavier loads, metal shelves are a better choice.

2. Wood

Most common shelves are made from hardwood like maple and oak. Some shelves may be made from chipboard or plywood, as well. Wood shelves are more cost effective than other materials and are great for storing more lightweight tools and materials.

3. Wire

Wire shelves are a more cost-effective and durable option. They are made from grid-like wires, so there are holes between them. The downside of this is that they cannot store small items securely as the items can fall between the holes or parts of them can get stuck.

4. Adjustable shelves

Adjustable shelves are mainly made from metal to be able to store heavier equipment. The shelf is affixed to a system of hangers, allowing you to adjust it however you need. You can rearrange the shelves with ease whenever you need to add more tools or equipment to accommodate their size.

Type of mount

1. Ceiling-mounted shelves

Ceiling-mounted shelves provide you with overhead storage. They are great for items that are not often used and seasonal items. Overhead storage like this is convenient for smaller garages where you need to optimise the space you have to make it work for you.  This is a convenient way to de-clutter your floor or wall and leave more space for the day-to-day items that are put to regular use.

2. Wall-mounted shelves

Wall-mounted shelves are the common ones you’ll find in a home. They are fixed securely to the walls to give you more storage space,  optimising space upwards rather than outwards. 

3. Free-standing

Free-standing shelves can be made from metal, wood or both materials. Because they aren’t fixed to anything they offer you more freedom to move them or change their place if you need to. A downside is that they can take up a bit more floor space and obstruct projects that you may be working on if not positioned carefully.

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