How to Create a SAAS Website, CMS Landing Page & Blog

August 27, 2022
SAAS Website

SAAS Website

Creating SaaS landing pages has one goal: to turn website visitors into potential customers.

To do this, the landing page must tell visitors exactly what they want to know – quickly and clearly. 

According to the Statista website, by 2023, the SaaS services market will reach 208 billion US dollars. SaaS applications run in the cloud and are typically accessed through desktop and mobile apps and a web interface.

There is no finish line when creating successful SaaS websites and landing pages. You should constantly optimize your page based on performance and test results.

Building a SaaS website

SaaS software development has characteristics due to the cloud nature of SaaS applications, so it is essential to follow six steps to create a successful product: planning, discovery phase, application design, architecture design, development and testing, maintenance, etc.

Developing SaaS applications is a complex and time-consuming process that requires a lot of responsibility, so you need to think about a few important things right away:

  • Technology stack
  • Tenancy model
  • Pricing strategy

You may be wondering how much does it cost to build a website, but if you try even to touch this creation, you will be able to estimate all the costs like wasps.

CMS for landing pages

Landing pages play a fundamental role in any digital marketing strategy. And accordingly, the platform you use to create your landing page will play a significant role in the quality of the entire project. Many businesses use Content Management Systems (CMS) to make their websites.

When it comes to landing pages, many use dedicated landing page builders like Instapage, Unbounce, and LeadPages.

While these platforms have many benefits, including built-in A/B testing features, drag-and-drop interfaces, and a templating library to simplify design, it’s possible to use your CMS to create landing pages.

Forbes suggests creating landing pages that target a specific audience. If your business targets are multiple demographics, it can be helpful to create unique landing pages with a particular tone for each one. 

Creating a blog for your startup

In the page section of your blog, add a container and a title called “All Posts.” Add a collection list wrapper and include your blog post collection.

Add elements to your div with a short blog description, an author’s image, and a name. Format them as you wish. You can also add a text link for the tag you link to in your blog post. It can be a link to a tag page.

Also, if you select the Collection List Wrapper and in the settings, you can add a filter for “Blog Post – is not – Current blog post.” So the posts displayed will not show the current post (obviously).


Regardless of which communication format you choose in your content management strategy, it would help if you remembered that your voice and tone significantly impact your page’s success. Research shows that using straightforward content and evoking positive emotions (like joy and anticipation instead of fear and pessimism) can increase conversion rates. And that is your goal.

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