How To Get A Guy You Like: 12 Ways To Win A Guy’s Heart

September 27, 2022
How To Get A Guy You Like

How To Get A Guy You Like: Learning how to get a guy to like you and make a him want you bad can be quite easy if you follow these simple, sexy tips. You may notice that you already do some of the flirting techniques and tactics naturally, but using just one or two is not enough.

If you really want to make him want, desire, and need you, you need to get good at doing all. Here’s how. Follow centralfallout to get updated.

12 ways on how to get a guy to like you:

How To Get A Guy You Like

Men can be difficult to read, let’s face. While it’s important not to play mind games with men, there are still ways to catch their attention. These are tips and tricks that matchmaking and relationship experts can share to help you get your man to pay attention to you.

1. Smile

Tina Tessina (Ph.D.), author of “How To Be Happy Partners: Working It Out Together” advises, “Go to places you love, where men happen be.” A woman who is having fun and relaxing is more attractive to a man.

2. Do not hide in the corner

Avoid hiding in corners with furniture or plants. You should find something to do, no matter where you are. Guys will notice that you are active and not hiding behind furniture or plants.

3. Avoid the obvious: How To Get A Guy You Like

“Don’t name drop!” Hahn cautioned. Hahn cautioned that if a man compliments something you are wearing, it is best to not name-drop the brand as you could come across as materialistic. She said, “You should tell them you are happy they noticed it and then quickly switch to another conversation.”

This is true for food and drink. Even if you frequent the most popular restaurants and bars, it’s worth talking about the hidden gems. Being quirky will make it more interesting to converse with others than appearing to know everything.

4. Ask him for his assistance

Men love being helpful, even though it sounds 1950s. Ask him about difficult situations at work and for recommendations on apps. Tessina said, “Think about what you can ask him to make him think he’s smart — aside from his stomach through helpfulness.”

5. Discuss your hobbies

Emily Holmes Hahn, creator of LastFirst, a bespoke matchmaking club, suggested that you talk about the little things you do. Although they may seem small, any indication of a “centered, balanced lifestyle” is positive, she stated.

6. Dress for your girlfriends, but not yourself

Fashion trends are not something that guys understand, so save your off the shoulder, ruffled croptop for a girls night. You can catch a man’s attention by wearing something timeless. A classic, comfortable outfit that you feel good in.

7. You can go out by yourself or with a friend: How To Get A Guy You Like

Tessina suggests not going out with a group of girls. If you are in a group, it will be difficult to distinguish yourself from the rest.

If you go out with a group, make sure to stand out or find a way for yourself to be alone.

Comment on the conversation that the guy you are interested in has and show your intelligence and personality. Tessina said, “We are so focused on our looks right now, it’s refreshing that a woman is as interesting and fascinating as she is fun.

8. Wear funky jewelry

Men will approach you with questions or comments. If you have something that is eye-catching and shiny, they’ll be more likely to ask you. You can wear your most expensive ring or your most intriguing earrings, and you’ll be able to attract someone in for a chat.

9. Take a look at him in the eyes

Tessina as well as Hahn both recommend making eye contact. You shouldn’t look at them in the eye. A friendly eye to eye with him will let you know that you are interested. So don’t be afraid of eye-flirting across the room!

10. Thank you: How To Get A Guy You Like

According to Jenn Zucher and Lori Zaslow, founders of Project Soulmate, men get annoyed when women say thank you. Zucher said, “Even the most confident man needs to say thank you.” It doesn’t have to be said in person. You can text the thank you after he buys your drink. It’s a great way to show appreciation for someone.

11. Keep your phone off the table

It’s small world. While you’re scrolling through your Instagram, you might be chatting with someone else. You can’t look at your phone while you ride in an elevator. Instead, try to be present and not check out the people around you. It is refreshing for a man to see a woman who isn’t glued to her phone or taking selfies.

12. Bring your passions to the bar

You can bring a book to the bar. Emma Tessler, the founder of The Dating Ring, stated that guys are always looking for reasons to approach you. You can also bring a sketchbook, a journal, or any other hobby that you enjoy.

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