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How to Promote Your House Concert in 2022


Promote Your House Concert

A house concert can be a fun way to get people together in an intimate space and listen to some great music. After the past couple of years that we’ve all been through, who isn’t dying for some awesome live music? 

However, you should not skip careful planning for your house concert! To get the maximum turnout, be able to share the music with as many people as possible, and just have the best party you can, you need to do some planning and promoting! 

Don’t know where to start? No worries – this article will teach you some relevant and fun ways to promote a house concert in 2022. 

Plan Your Set

First and foremost, it’s about the music. If it’s your brand that is performing, carefully curate a set that you think will excite your crowd the most. If you’re not in a band, you need to find a local musician who fits the vibe you are going for. If you are performing but feel like your set is not long enough — try to partner with another local band as an opening or closing act.

Choose Your Guest List

Hosting a house concert is different from hosting a concert in a traditional venue. Of course, you want the party to rock – but you must be mindful when inviting strangers into your space and neighborhood. Decide how many people your space can comfortably fit and whom you’d like to be on the guest list and build your promotion strategy around this.

Promote Your House Concert

After you have your performance, guest list, and date nailed down, it’s time to spread the word! 

These days, the most popular way to promote is via the Internet specifically social media. Especially if you have an invite-only or private guest list, social media allows you to promote while restricting access so only certain people can see it. 

You can create a private Instagram or Facebook group, then invite guests to join. On that page, start to promote your concert! 

You want your promotional materials to look polished and exciting. That’s why using a service like PosterMyWall will be super helpful! Their website offers customizable band promotion templates, free for you to use. On their site, you can create a free band poster, which is perfect for hanging in a public space (if you’re going for a public attendance)! 

Hanging a fun and colorful band poster in a public space, like a coffee shop, is sure to get people interested. Make sure you have information on the poster about where they can buy tickets!

You can also customize and download promotional social media posts right from PosterMyWall’s website. Their templates cover most genres, and since you can customize everything, you can create something perfect for your event. 

Some important items to include on your promotional materials are location, time and date, artist(s) performing, and any other details, like a theme or dress code. Use the social media posts you have created to promote the event via the social media channels your guests typically use, so they will be sure to see it!

Get Your Venue Ready

Decide where your “stage” will be and create enough seating around it. Be sure to get your sound system ready and functional days before the concert. Also, be sure you can fit the number of folks who have RSVP’d to the event. Try to create comfortable seating and an atmosphere that is not crowded or chaotic, so people can focus on the music. 

Once you’ve got your venue set up, post a few fun videos on social media, or send them directly to your anticipated attendees to get them excited for the concert! You can make customizable promotional videos on PosterMyWall very easily.

Having refreshments and food is always a good idea. Try to find a local caterer who can bring some self-serve food to your event. 

Prepare For Your Guests

Unlike at a typical venue, your home venue will not have signage that points to the bathroom or a monitored coat check. People may not know how to access your bathroom or where they can store valuables like purses or jackets. You can make some solutions for these issues to cater to your guests.

You can make some fun and customizable signage that points to the bathroom and hang it up with putty or thumbtacks the night of the event. It would be wise to section off a small room that can be locked for storing people’s jackets and valuables. 

Make sure you have someone who can check in your guests at the door, greet them, and take their tickets. If you plan on taking cash for tickets at the door, be sure you have a secured lockbox ready and are tracking the money coming in.

It would be a great idea to have a fun photo booth or set up a personalized #hashtag for the event. Having people take photos together and post them with your concert’s hashtag will help your event gain publicity. If their friends see them having such a great time, you may be able to increase the budget for your next concert and invite more people! 

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