5 Tips On How to Write an Essay in 3 Hours

September 9, 2021


Writing an essay is not a piece of cake, and writing it quickly adds to the complexity. Fast essay writing is one of the challenges many writers face during their quick essay writing. Luckily, just like every other problem, there is a solution to this too. Read the article on some tips for writing fastly.


Set Up Timer

There are several tips on writing an essay in three hours if you inquire about it from someone. Some would say to start writing it way before time, while others would recommend you delegate your work to a company that could write an essay in 3 hours. While both of these ideas are extremely helpful, there is one solution that many people seem to ignore but is more useful than any of them, setting up a timer. Yes, you heard it right! Timers have been in this world for a long time and are used all around the globe to reduce the wastage of time in completing tasks. As ineffective as they seem, setting up timers when writing essays are incredibly beneficial.

They constantly remind you that you are on a deadline and have to finish your essay in a designated amount of time allotted. One of the most significant benefits of a timer is that it allows you to take breaks in an organized manner. For instance, imagine yourself writing a lengthy essay without setting up a timer first. You may have noticed that you have taken breaks in a disorganized manner like your first break was after half an hour while your second was only after ten minutes. This disorganized way of taking breaks affects your pace of writing significantly. If you ask any professional writer about their break schedule during work, they might reply with you saying, ‘a ten-minute break after fifty-two minutes of writing.’ 

Apart from that, setting up a timer will also help you remain focused on your writing only. Once you have set up your timer accordingly, there would be pressure constantly hovering over your head to finish the work as quickly as possible. This would ultimately help you in completing your essay in three hours or even less!

Start from Choosing a Topic

How to write a paper quickly? A question that several writers as over the internet for help. As simple as this question may seem, it has not one easy answer. Writing is a task done efficiently in peace and harmony, but what to do when your teacher assigns you to write an essay under three hours or less? This is where the problem comes in. Though writing an essay may be an easy task for many, but when one is under a deadline, many seem to fail this task because of the pressure constantly hovering over the head.
However, as difficult as it is, there is a solution that can help you get started with your paper as quickly as possible, the step of choosing a topic. It may sound easy, but choosing the right topic for your writing is one of the most challenging steps of all. Think about it; you need to select a topic on which you can write fluently without hitting writer’s block. You need to find something on which you already have much insight and do not need to research the topic from scratch. This way, you can save up a significant amount of time as now you do not have to perform multiple web searches to extract the content. However, some teachers assign you the topic themselves. Now, this can be a blessing or a problem for many depending upon the situation. For instance, if the given topic is something you already know about, you are good to go as your first hard step has already been solved. However, if this topic is something completely strange to you, then you might be in trouble in the long run. 

Make A Strong Body

How to write an essay in an hour? A question that you might have asked your seniors often when your teachers asked you to submit your papers on a short deadline. Your seniors would probably have replied with several different answers, like avoiding procrastination or asking for some professional help. As helpful as these ways are, many people forget the tip of constructing a solid body paragraph first. 

Building a solid body for your essay is one of the essential steps if you want to finish your paper quickly. Make sure:

  • There is a minimum of three parts in regular writing, namely, introduction, body, and conclusion. 
  • All these parts are equally significant and can not be skipped while writing. 
  • If you want your essay to be captivating, make sure that you focus on the quality of your introduction and body. 

The introduction is the first impression of your whole article. So, it must be fascinating and unique to keep the reader hooked throughout your work. Apart from that, the body of your paper is essential because it is where the main story happens. If your introduction is exceptional, but your body is quite average, it would be a waste as the reader could lose interest in the middle of your work. 

Make Introduction and Conclusion Last

How to quickly write an essay? If you wish to write an essay quickly, it is vital that you write the introduction and conclusion paragraph last. Now you might be wondering as to why that is? Writing an introduction and conclusion is one of the most time taking tasks in an essay. It does not matter whether the word length is short in these paragraphs as compared to the body part, but it still does take more time than it should according to the length. That is why it should be written at the end of your work.


How to write an essay fast? If you desire to write an essay fast correctly, then the part of proofreading is a must. Proofreading is one of the best ways to make sure that your essay is written properly. So, after you are done with your work, proofread the hell out of your writing to make it flawless.



Writing an essay quickly is always going to be a problematic task. Many of you might fail in your first try to ace this kind of work, but once you get the gist of it, you will be good to go. Apart from that, you can always take help from the tips written above. 

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