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September 26, 2022
Human Emotion' quiz

Another popular quiz on TikTok is about to tell you what kind of “human feeling” you are.

A few quizzes on TikTok have gone viral in the past year or so. These include the “Red Flag” quiz, the “5000 Character Personality Quiz,” and the “Let me f*cking destroy you” reality check quiz.

Now, “What Kind of Human Feeling Are You?” is all over social media. They all use the hashtags “human feeling,” “human feeling test,” and “human feeling quiz.”

You can play the quiz on the uQuiz website, but unlike other quizzes that have gone viral in the past, all of the questions on this one are in Russian.

What is the Human Emotions Quiz TikTok?

Human Emotion' quiz

On the social media site tiktok, a test called “What Human Feeling Are You?” is becoming popular.Users take the test to find out what emotion in humans is most similar to their own.

Questions on the quiz are random, like “What would you like to do right now?” and “Pick a drink or a random moment in your life that fits your personality.

“After the user answers 10 questions, each of which has four possible answers, he or she will see results like “sincere love,” “humility,” or “despondency.”

How do I do well on the test?

The quiz is posted on a website called Uquiz. This website lets people from all over the world make their own quizzes, which they can then share with Uquiz’s online communities.

But since the test is written in Russian, users must use a web browser to translate it into English or another language of their choice. The most popular game on TikTok right now is called “What human feeling do you have?”

What do people think of the test?

People on TikTok and Twitter get a lot of views and likes when they share the results of a quiz.

The popularity of the quiz has grown thanks to social media.

One Twitter user said that the most human thing she had ever done was “sit in a meadow on an unseasonably sunny day.” She wrote, “I took the “What Human Feeling Am I?” quiz and was happy with the result.

What does the Human Feelings quiz mean in English?

Chrome users will see a pop-up asking you if they want to translate the page. Click the “English” tab to translate the entire quiz.

You will see a translation symbol at the bottom of Safari’s address bar. Click it, then click “Translate English”, and you will be fine.

The quiz has a total of 11 questions, and once you’ve answered them all as honestly as you can, you’ll get your answer.

It’s not clear how many “human feeling” answers the quiz has, but people have been sharing their answers on TikTok and Twitter. One user wrote in the comments of a viral TikTok that shared their results, “The questions seemed so unrelated, but the result was so accurate????”

So, what are some of the possible quiz answers? On social media, there are a lot of posts about True Love, Sincere Love, Unrequited Love, Humility, Anger, Despair, Tiredness, Anxiety, and Tranquility.

Others have shared more specific “human feeling” results, such as “lying in a meadow on a sunny day,” “reading a book by the window while it rains lightly outside,” and “realising that you can feel yourself changing.”

Here’s a childhood trauma test.

You can play the quiz on the website for BetterMe. In case you didn’t know, BetterMe is a behavioural health app that you pay for with a subscription.

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