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Iconic Moments That You’ll Never Get Back as a Teenage Lad



Teenage Lad

As a young lad, there were iconic moments, for sure, that you’ll never be able to beat, or match. Unfortunately, these superb moments in time can’t be relived, but you can, at the very least cast your mind back and ponder over how awesome those times were, or what could have been, but never happened. The great thing about these points in time, is that each and every person’s experience will have been different, can you remember?

Your first car

To be fair, no matter your age, everyone will remember getting their first car. Being handed the ‘keys to freedom’ to go almost anywhere you please, whenever you want, with whoever you want. Some will have seen their car as a mode of transport, however, if you were one of those lads, that was a petrol head from young, car posters on the wall and that lad sort of thing, then you probably spent most of your time with your head under the bonnet.

Trying to get insurance for your car

This will have been one of those thankless tasks that you probably never even considered when dreaming of your dream car, as a young lad. However, the reality soon kicks in when you realize that, in order to drive your car legally on the road, that you’re going to need some kind of insurance! The chances are, that mom, and or dad will have helped you buy your insurance policy, in one way, or another, without them it may have been an even harder task!


Your first girlfriend

Everyone should remember their childhood sweetheart, hopefully it was an experience to remember. Perhaps you are still together, to this day, if not, then perhaps it was a relationship that was well escaped. If you’ve ever seen any of your old partners from years gone by, it can be rather odd when you see them, to think blimey, how on earth did we ever end up together, she’s not even my type!

Leaving School

For some people this will have been a great relief, for others, not so much as the thought of the wide world was a little bit scary. Some will have got good academic grades and were well set for what lay ahead of them, others maybe didn’t get such good grades and felt a little uneasy leaving school because of it. Regardless, the chances are that your life now, is a million times different from the one you left behind you at high school.

First alcoholic drink

There is nothing quite like your first alcoholic drink, some parents would buy the booze for their kids whereas others had to buy it secretly. The latter was a little harder, but usually wasn’t too much of a challenge, if you had a tall friend with a bit of bum fluff on his face. A trip with him down to the local corner shop, after practicing his put-on deep voice several times usually did the trick. 

If you can’t remember, then maybe you over did it a bit. If you do, then there will have been others that did overdo it, making it a memory that you’ll never forget that’s for sure.


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