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In 2023, how to handle several YouTube channels to get more YouTube subscribers


You can broadcast your thoughts, skills, and creations on YouTube, a social networking site and search engine, to get more YouTube subscribers. Learn here in 2023 how to run several YouTube channels. It’s best to create various YouTube channels if you want to represent two distinct topics that can appeal to diverse audiences.

For each YouTube channel you want to create, you can simply create a new Gmail account. Clicking the new channel option on your primary YouTube channel is an additional and well-liked method of obtaining several YouTube channels to get more YouTube subscribers.

Under a single Google/YouTube account, YouTube enables you to create multiple YouTube channels. For instance, you could instantly manage two YouTube channels with distinct interests, one for business and one for personal use.

To get more YouTube subscribers, many YouTubers improve the popularity of each of their channels, which aids in their rise to authority status in their field as well as higher channel ranks, reputation, and discoverability. Therefore, create another YouTube channel right once to take use of their advantages.

Creating a second YouTube channel: Steps

Step 1 –For you to access YouTube, you must have a Google account. With the Channel Switcher tool, you may also create multiple YouTube channels.

Step 2: Select “YouTube settings” by clicking on your Google account symbol in the top right corner. Click “See all my channels or create a new channel” in the “Overview” section of the YouTube settings to access your channels.

Step 3 –Your current channel and a button to “Create a new channel” are displayed on the next page. To get going, choose “Create a new channel.”

Step 4 –You’ll be forced to create a new Brand Account as a result. Choose a name that best captures the core theme of your channel. Next, select Create. Hey, look! You were successful in starting a brand-new YouTube channel.

Step 5: At this point, upload the videos, personalize, and check the channel’s metrics.

When you return to the “See all my channels or create a new channel” page after creating multiple YouTube channels to increase YouTube subscribers, all of your channels will be listed there. Simply select the one you want to use for being able to get more YouTube subscribers, and YouTube’s homepage with that explicit channel’s preferences will be displayed. Now, only that one channel will be associated with all the vicissitudes you create or videos you submit.

Can you have numerous YouTube channels that are monetized, let me tell you? Yes, it is the answer. Multiple YouTube channels can be made profitable using a single AdSense account.

How to add more viewers to your YouTube channel management

Multiple users can be added to your YouTube channel. If you have a staff in charge of the account for your brand, this works as a fantastic technique to get more YouTube subscribers.

You can only add additional users or managers to manage a Brand Account. When logging in, they can access your account by using the same username and password that you use. Then,

First, log in using the Brand Account’s creator credentials. Then select the fourth option, Switch Accounts, by clicking the Google account icon in the top right corner.

Choose the Brand Account in Step 2 to which you wish to add multiple managers.

Step 3: Navigate to Your Channel under Settings.

Step 4: Channel managers is a selection under Your YouTube channel. When Add or Remove Manager(s) appears next to it, click on it.

Step 5: Select Manage Permissions from the Brand Account Details menu. From there, you may adjust roles, invite and remove users as needed.

Google might ask you to confirm your account through which you get more YouTube subscribers, at this point. Once the verification process is complete, a dialogue box with the title Manage permissions will display. In the top right corner, select the “new users” or “plus person” icon.

Include the email addresses of the relevant persons you want to be able to visit your YouTube channel in step six.

Step 7: Next, select Invite. Voila! Your subscribers will receive an invitation to manage your new YouTube channel with you.


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