Is Bruno Mars Gay As The Rumor Has It?

May 14, 2021

The piece, titled “The Rumor Come Out: Does Bruno Mars Is Gay?“[1] and written by Ndoro Alisan, first appeared on in 2014.

The most talked-about topic in the media a few years ago was whether Bruno Mars was gay. Even though it occurred in 2012, some members of the public are still interested in learning more about it, which may be the cause of the rumor that he is gay. He attained widespread social networking rumors at that point.

The general public is astonished, particularly his supporters. He recently released a false rumor that is widely circulated. This time, the topic is his terrible rumor rather than his musical career. According to the traditional definition of a hoax, the rumor

Does Bruno Mars is gay

About Bruno Mars

Does Bruno Mars Is Gay? refers to an English article investigating whether or not pop singer Bruno Mars is gay.

Origin of Bruno Mars

In 2014, the article was written by Ndoro Alisan, see on under the title “The Rumor Come Out. Does Bruno Mars is Gay?” It is the first paragraph that reads.

He is gay and the most discussed in the media a few years ago. Even it happened in the year 2012. But some of the public is still curious about what is exactly happening. The reason there is a rumor that comes out is gay. At that time, he became a huge social networking rumor. The public, especially his fans, is shocked. He is just coming out with his lousy word that is spread massively.

This time is not about his music career, but his terrible rumor. According to the last report, the story is out of standardizing hoax, revealing himself as Homosexual. Do you still believe it or not? This rumor is much talked about by people, even in a person of his fans.

Spread of Bruno Mars

The article remains relatively unseen until May 17th, 2016. When the Game Grumps brought it up in an episode of their Let’s Play of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. As of August 8th, 2016, the video has over 515,000 views. On the same day, a screenshot of the opening paragraph sees on Onsizzle.

Soon after, saw the article on Reddit in both the /r/titlegore and /r/engrish subreddit. There, it received 190 points, 96% upvotes, and 56 points, 87% upvotes. On July 18th, 2016, a Facebook page dedicated to the article and memes surrounding it were created and received over 2,000 likes in less than a month.

On August 4th, Game Grumps posted an animated video by ToriDomi of their conversation on the article. It gains almost 900,000 views in four days. They are leading to the height of the phrase’s popularity.

So, this is vital information on the topic.

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