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Is there a Chegg free trial?


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Chegg free trial

Is there a Chegg free trial?

Whether one is in high school or college. One may find that Chegg will help one to get what one should need while relieving from stress. But Chegg specializing in textbook rentals. It allows individuals with Homework, Tutoring, Scholarships, and Internships. Chegg currently provides a free trial for one to access and try out before one purchase a subscription. This way, one will find out if it is a good fit for one.

Is There a Free Trial For Chegg?

Provides a 4-week long free trial that includes thirty minutes of free online tutoring and homework help. You can also save 90% on textbooks, including getting free 7-day trail access to Chegg’s eTextbook.

As a bonus, you are also able to make money from Chegg. So, if you decide that you would like to keep Chegg, you can turn it around to your advantage beyond the free trial.

How Long Is The Free Trial For Chegg?

Chegg’s free trial is set for four weeks, and credit card information is required at the time of sign it. It will not charge until your four weeks are up. When the time is up, you are then charged $14.95 per month, and with all the time and money-saving you will be doing, it seems worth it.

How Do I Cancel Chegg Free Trial?

If one must decide, you will not be using Chegg after the free trial. Then be sure to cancel the free trial before the charge date lists when one sign up if one should decide to keep Chegg. One will still cancel the future memberships in the account.

No matter what system one is on, one should want to make sure you are logged in. One also want to find the “Account” or “Account Settings” button. It will bring up all of the settings: “Subscription” or “Change or Cancel Membership”. The wording and process will change depending on what type of system one should indulge.

How Much Is Chegg If I Don’t Cancel the Trial?

If one chooses to keep Chegg, one will select between Chegg Study or Chegg Study Pack.

Chegg Cost And Pricing Plans

Study – $9.95 per month

Writer – $14.95 per month

Chegg Study is:

Textbook solutions

Access to expert questions and answers

Post new questions

Basic flashcards

Chegg Study pack are:

Textbook solutions

Access to expert questions and answers

Post new questions

Premium flashcards

Practice problems

Guided videos

Math solver

Writing tool 

How Do I Sign-Up For The Chegg Free Trial?

To begin the free trial, one will need to enter the payment information after putting the data in and confirming the payment. One will be able to access Chegg’s helpful features. If one is not satisfied, one will cancel at any time. If one cancel a paid subscription, one can access Chegg until the end of the billing period.

Take your steps today in helping your future become a little easier. No more continuous hours to try and figure out the homework. You are entirely failing a class because one does not understand it. No more spending tons of money on textbooks too.

Save the time and money by checking into Chegg, where one should get amazing discounts on books, answers and help questions help with writing those papers. Also, access the massive world of tutors where one can reach for help, but one will also make money to benefit one.

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