is trump back on twitter? Lets Discuss

November 25, 2022
is trump back on twitter

is trump back on twitter? Are you enjoying your @realdonaldtrump 473-day reprieve? Take a moment to think back. Let your thoughts wander to January 8, 2021… How did that make you feel?

Maybe you were happy for his sudden departure, seeing it as a ray of sunshine in the middle of winter. Perhaps you were averse to the idea because it was “free speech”? More likely, though, you forgot about the development until recently as any rational person would.

No Matter What Your Situation You Can Forget It

is trump back on twitter

I have disturbing commentary to replace it. Trump will be back at the graveyard once again when Elon Musk, his Twitter suitor, takes over. It’s only a matter time.

Trump repeatedly claimed that the coronavirus was under control in 2020. We all know what happened.

Keep an eye out for this! Trump is a scavenger for attention. He will again use Twitter’s unholy megaphone to broadcast his cries. But not immediately.

It’s easier for Trump to promote his social media network, which I promise almost nobody will ever use, at the moment.

TRUTH reportedly has just over 500,000 daily active users as of April 1, a mere sliver of the 217 million Twitter DAUs. Vanity Fair also pointed this out yesterday.

The former president can boost an app’s ranking, for a few weeks at most, but you’ll be able to see my point in a year.

Looking ahead, however, do you think Trump will choose loyalty to TRUE Social over Twitter and its vast media reach when his 2024 campaign kicks off? No. Trump isn’t loyal to anyone. If given the chance, Trump will return. Next question.

How do we know Musk will lift this ban? Musk hasn’t spoken of anything

Musk is done, but I need to go back a bit

Some of Trump’s most loyal supporters protested Twitter’s ban on Trump. They argued that “free speech” should be protected from government overreach and that it should cover the content of Twitter’s website.

Although this is absurd, Musk’s views regarding free speech and content moderation are very similar to conservatives’.

I would rather have a welcoming town square that people want visit than one that celebrates these oddos. But that wouldn’t be Twitter.

Musk seems to want to feel the process and hope that even his worst critics will continue to write. Musk seems to be focusing on that, so why doesn’t he welcome Rosie O’Donnell’s worst critic into the fold?

I hope even my worst critics will remain on Twitter. That is the essence of free speech.

Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

It sounds almost as if he does. Shortly after Musk’s offer was accepted by Twitter’s board, Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, spoke out in support.

After making a strong statement that he doesn’t believe anyone should run Twitter, Dorsey stated that Elon was the only solution that he trusts when it comes “solving the problem of it not being a company.”

Twitter’s decision not to ban Trump was based on two tweets. It all came down to their timing and context after the January 6th riot. This is a very unstable foundation.

Musk’s management style and post ideology are not compatible with nuance concepts, and you have a recipe for disaster. Musk is too busy blaming critics, union busting and doing things for the loz to think about ideals such as community health or dignity.

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