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Jacked Kangaroo: How Australian Animals Are Just Strong Kangaroo Buffs?



Jacked Kangaroos are iconic Australian animals known for their remarkable jumping abilities and adorable kangaroo babies carried in their pouches. They are massive animals that can weigh up to 200 pounds in males.

Male kangaroos engage in rigorous boxing battles and fierce fights for dominance on a daily basis, and it’s not uncommon to come across a particularly jacked kangaroo.

The sight of these very beefy kangaroos is truly striking (and terrifying), but why are they so muscular? Join us as we find out just how tough buff kangaroos are!


Why do Kangaroos have such a thick coat?

Why do Kangaroos have such a thick coat

Kangaroos are huge creatures, with the red kangaroo being the largest, however a very buff kangaroo can occasionally be seen. Roger was the most renowned buff kangaroo of all, and we’ll go over more about him later, but for now, watch this video of this really buff kangaroo!

The large, firm chests and abdomens of red kangaroos, as well as tough arms with bulging muscles, are rippling with muscle. They’re usually males, and they’re almost always the mob’s dominant kangaroo. But what gives them such a chiselled physique?


Kangaroos have a unique and peculiar stride in which they hop around, and the manner they do so naturally provides them with a lot of muscle. This is because kangaroos use the muscles and tendons in their hind legs and massive back feet to propel themselves forward.

Kangaroos create energy by hopping using the Achilles tendon that runs down their hind leg. Their tendons and ligaments stretch and give energy with each leap. As their muscles tighten, their legs are forced away from their bodies, much like a huge spring.


Every day, kangaroos travel hundreds of kilometres in quest of food. Each leap covers an average of 25 to 30 feet, and they can jump up to 10 feet in the air if necessary. All of this bouncing while sustaining a massive body necessitates strong leg muscles, which kangaroos may build quickly by hopping such long distances.


Kangaroos aren’t exactly peaceful creatures, and conflicts and skirmishes are common among them. Males, on the other hand, have the most conflicts. The strongest, fittest, and most resilient kangaroo usually wins these bouts, which can be nasty and brutal.

Male fights are known as boxing bouts, and they provide an excellent exercise, exactly like a genuine boxing battle. As if they were boxing, the males grapple with each other, push one other around, and punch each other.

They also use their razor-sharp front claws to attack. Kangaroos also have a unique “kickbox” manoeuvre in which they balance on their tail while kicking out with their hind legs at their opponent.


They’re basically working out while fighting with these movements because they’re using all of their muscles. After all, the more active they are, the more muscular mass they are gaining. Not only that, but the fight is usually won by the strongest male. As a result, being the strongest and most muscular pays off!


Kangaroos grow extremely muscular bodies as a result of fighting, as we’ve just seen. Males, on the other hand, fight mostly for dominance and access to females.

Because the dominant male is usually the only kangaroo in the group who mates with the females, if he wins all of the battles, he will receive the ladies. Furthermore, research has revealed that female kangaroos are drawn to the most muscular males. So, all of that exercise is paying off!

Buff Kangaroos: How Strong Are They?

Buff kangaroos, like buff people, are frequently the most powerful. Fighting allows kangaroos to grow into incredibly muscular individuals, as we’ve just seen, and this is crucial.


This is due to the fact that buff kangaroos are muscular and have such high muscle strength that they frequently outmuscle their opponents in battles. This means that he can not only endure all of his opponent’s strikes, but he can also push, grapple, and kick with enough force to win the fight.

When a kangaroo wins all of his fights, he is demonstrating his strength to the other kangaroos. As a result, buff kangaroos frequently become the mob’s dominant male. Females are accessible to dominant males, and they have the right to mate with them.

The red kangaroo is the species most likely to be buff, and it has a lot of power. In fact, a single kick from a red kangaroo can generate 759 pounds of force! Buff kangaroos have been known to crush metal with their bare hands, in addition to being capable of inflicting considerable harm with their kicks.

The Muscularest Kangaroo

Rodger, a kangaroo affectionately known as “Ripped Rodger,” was one of the world’s most muscular kangaroos. Rodger was a male red kangaroo who died in 2018 at the age of 12 at The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia.


Rodger was discovered as a little joey in his dead mother’s pouch after she was killed by a car, like many other kangaroos that end up in sanctuaries. Chris Barns, who administered the refuge and raised Rodger from a young orphan, saved him.

Rodger had an extraordinarily strong build as he matured and grew, earning him the moniker. He stood at 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighed 200 pounds.

Rodger quickly established himself as the sanctuary’s dominant male, effortlessly fending off any youthful contenders with his big muscles and tremendous power. Rodger’s photos quickly went viral, and he gained a cult following. His most famous photograph shows him clutching a metal feed bucket that he had just crumpled as effortlessly as a scrap of paper with his bare hands.

During his reign as the most ripped kangaroo on the planet, Rodger fathered a slew of kangaroos. However, his son, Monty, could be a serious contender for the title. Monty is said to be twice the size of the sanctuary’s females. Monty sharpened his talents by play fighting with his father before Rodger died of old age, and he eventually gained a similar muscular and toned frame.


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