Home Facts Jaelyn Crooks: Everything You Need To Know About The Prior Lake Student

Jaelyn Crooks: Everything You Need To Know About The Prior Lake Student


Jaelyn crooks, an American national gained fame after her viral video. Crooks, along with a friend made racist comments which angered an online section.

The United States is still rife with racial discrimination, particularly among students. Educational institutions have taken important steps to stop this trend.

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Who is Jaelyn crooks?jaelyn crooks and Nya Sigin

She is an American citizen, born in Minnesota. She is believed to be in her teens and She is likely to be of mixed race. Crooks is a student of Prior Lake High School, Minnesota. Jodie Crooks is the student’s mother. Jaelyn married her parents on August 15, 2014. Rumours also suggest that Jaelyn is from a Minnesota casino tribe.

  • Full name: Jaelyn Crooks
  • Nickname: Jaelyn
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Mother: Jodie Crooks
  • Place of birth: Minnesota, USA
  • Current residence: Prior Lake, Minnesota
  • Education: Prior Lake High School
  • Instagram: Jaelyn Crooks
  • Twitter: Jaelyn Crooks

Jaelyn Crooks Early Years

Criminals can be as young as their twenties, or even younger. The public is not privy to Jaelyn’s true birth date or age. She is Caucasian and American. Her hometown is Prior Lake in Minnesota.

According to media reports, Jayden Crooks and Jaelyn Croks have not been identified. A racist video made by their daughter, Kewley, has gone viral. We found the video on Instagram but could not find her account. She may have made her account secret due to the controversy caused by the video.

Jaelyn Education

Jaelyn Crooks, a Lake High School student, has been accused of bullying others. She most recently made that accusation by an African-American classmate.

The bigoted video viewed over 759,000 times within 11 hours of being posted to Shaun King’s Instagram. The video was offensive and potentially dangerous. It was also disgusting.

Jaelyn Crooks Ethnicity

Her race and her background are white. She is a citizen of the United States of America. She was born in Minnesota, the U.S and She commented on black students because of her white ethnicity.

Crooks filmed a racist video about a black student at Jaelyn’s school. Jaelyn Crooks also appears to be torturing a suicidal black student.

Jaelyn Racist Video Goes Viral

A student named Shaun King posted a video of Jaelyn crooks Jayden Kewley in November 2021. Two students made racist remarks about another student and threatened her with suicide. It was hurtful, offensive, and hateful. This clip is not available at the moment.

Nya Sigin, 14, a Prior Lake freshman, was the target of the offensive comments. The student, an African-American student, revealed that her classmate had shared the video. She didn’t realize at first that she was the victim of the hateful video. However, during counselling, she realized that the feelings shared were very personal.

After seeing the video, Nya’s older sister Elizabeth Sigin, a senior at school, outraged. She was angry at the language and threats, and added that Jayden and Jaelyn had bullied her sister. Elizabeth claims that the constant harassment by her sister has negatively affected her family. Nya was afflicted by anxiety and depression. She had even attempted suicide in the middle of 2021. She was on the right track to recovery but she had relapsed after seeing the racist video.

Since the incident, Nya has received tremendous support from the online community. A GoFundMe account she created for her college raised over $38,000

What happened to Jaelyn Crooks?

Prior Lake resident Jaelyn Crooks remained silent as a result of the video’s widespread distribution on social media. Her Instagram account is now closed. Prior Lake’s principal wrote to her parents, stating that the school does not condone hate speech and racism. He assured the parents that the facility would investigate Jayden and Crooks. Sources claim that Jaelyn’s parents were also informed by the principal.

Local police investigated this matter. Many people call for the expulsion. Jaelyn is also a member the Shakopee Madewakanton Sioux community, which issued a statement stating that they do not support racism. Some media outlets reported that the Crooks family received death threats and harassment at home. Police responded by being on the ground to protect them. Moreover, students from Lake have held peaceful protests ever since the incident.

Many netizens searched online for Jaelyn’s apology. Unfortunately, Jaelyn Crooks has not taken responsibility for her reckless remarks or apologized.

Jaelyn Crooks was a girl who made a mistaken statement about African-American students at Prior Lake School, especially Nya Sign. Her video was viral and received a lot of hatred from both the school authorities and the public.

Police are currently investigating the matter in an effort to increase security for Black Children and to make it safer for them to study and live.

Jaelyn Crooks Social Media

Jaelyn Crooks is @jaelyncrooks on Instagram. She has an estimated 5,400+ Facebook followers and She keeps her Instagram private and includes information about Snapchat in her bio.

She also searched Twitter, Facebook and any other accounts she might have. None of the accounts that we searched for were associated to her name.

Jaelyn Crooks became famous for the wrong reason, affecting her in the long run. People see her as a hateful racist. She is a young girl and has a lot ahead of her, and we are sure that the world will be on the lookout to see if she will change. We hope that she changes her perspective about people and accepts them for who they are. We wish her all the best in life.

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