Jakobi Wilburn: Bio, Career, Future’s son who has already been in jail

October 15, 2022
jakobi wilburn

Jakobi Wilburn, a young American rapper, is from the United States. He is well-known because he is Future’s father, Nayvadius deMun Wilburn. His father is a popular rapper, composer and record producer.

Wilburn, a well-known boy, rose to fame due to his father. He is a rapper and has released a lot of music including Pink Lemonade and Bricc. He is a social media influencer for Fashion Nova right now. To get all new updates follow Centralfallout.com

Jakobi Wilburn Bio

jakobi wilburn

The rapper raised in Los Angeles. Jakobi Wilburn is the son of Jessica Smith and Nayvadius deMun Wilburn.

His mother is an actress and his father is a well-known American rapper. His parents divorced soon after Jakobi was birth, and his mother was granted custody.

Jakobi is an American citizen and of African descent. His seven half-siblings include Future Zahir, Londyn Prince, Hendrix and Paris, Kash, as well as Reign.

Jakobi Wilburn sued by Future’s mother for not paying child support. Future claimed that Future’s neglect of his son’s needs as a father was responsible for Jakobi’s behavioral and mental problems.

Columbia High School was where the young musician went.

Jakobi Wilburn Career

Jakobi Wilburn is a new rapper. A number of his tracks are available on SoundCloud and Apple Music.

He has collaborated with Ken Car$on, Lil Cozy and other musicians. Kobi$Torm, a 12 track album, was released in April 2021. It serves as his debut.

Jakobi Wilburn’s list of songs

  • Gen 5
  • Cost to Floss
  • The Real Baby
  • Pluto Sleep
  • The South
  • Royalty Treatment
  • 444 Degrees
  • Due
  • Time Bricc
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Ethan Iverson
  • Popular Loner
  • Perk
  • Coreyinthecut
  • Outside
  • Bad reception
  • Let’s talk about
  • It doesn’t want to talk about it

Jakobi Education

Wilburn grew up in Los Angeles, and later attended Columbia High School. Unfortunately, information about his school years is not available.

After his involvement in gang-related activities, Jakobi missed his graduation year. The details of Jakobi’s school graduation have been kept secret as a result.

Wilburn’s parents

There are many celebrity scandals and relationships. Jakobi’s Wilburn’s parents is no exception. Unfortunately, his parents’ relationship turned sour after his birth. Future is well-known for having many baby mamas. His relationship with Jakobi’s mom ended in bitterness. He was sued by her for being negligent and not paying child support.

Jessica Smith, Jakobi Wilburn’s mother, claimed Future’s neglect of her son had made him mentally and physically sick. She was granted full custody of her son as a result.

Jakobi Wilburn’s siblingsjakobi wilburn

American musician, the future American singer, has seven half-siblings resulting from his father’s multiple relationships. He is the oldest among his siblings, Londyn Prince, Future Zahir and Hendrix. He also has Paris Kash, Reign, Paris Kash, and Hendrix.

Jakobi Instagram

His Instagram account @moneymakingkobi is thriving. Over 30k people follow him on social media and he has 21 posts as of the 30th August 2022. Jakobi Wilburn is an upcoming musician famous for being the son of the American trap star Future.

Unfortunately, he has major daddy issues, caught in the wrong group, and finally landed in jail. Wilburn faces a possible 20-year jail sentence, but with such a promising future as an artist, perhaps there will be a light at the end of his tunnel. 

Jakobi Wilburn Net worth

His career is too young to estimate his net worth. He’s an up-and-coming musician who started on various platforms. His father has $40 million. If he follows in his father’s footsteps, his wealth could grow.

The Latest News About Jakobi

Jakobi Wilburn will be tried as an adult in Newton County.

Future’s #JakobiWilburn was freed today. Jakobi was taken into custody in January as part of a gang bust. Jakobi, 17, was found with a gun that had its serial number scratched off. This gave rise to a charge for altering an ID of a firearm.

Future was not there to greet his son Jakobi upon his release. However, the celebrity father has helped to pay for legal representation.

Jakobi Wilburn arrested in January by The Blast. According to media sources, police discovered Jakobi Wilburn, 17, in the company of gang members after a raid. Jakobi was discovered with a handgun. Jakobi is currently facing up to 20 years imprisonment for this offense, along with criminal trespassing and gang activity charges.

Many wondered why Jakobi’s possible sentence was so severe considering Jakobi’s juvenile status. However, the state of Georgia charges adults over 17 years old as adults.

Future has made a vow to get the best legal team to assist him through this difficult time. Jakobi’s mom continues to request privacy. According to her, Jakobi’s mother is a minor. To protect him in this difficult situation, we ask everyone to respect our privacy.

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