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Jang Dong-Gun: Early Life, Age, Movies, Wife & Net Worth


Jang Dong-Gun Korean actor has earned his name in a variety of roles.

He is best known for leading roles in films such as Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War and X-men: First Class.

In this article, we’ll take a look at his age, height, and wife. We’ll also look at some of his best movies, and give you some interesting trivia.

Jang Dong-Gun Early Life

Jang Dong-Gun

Jang Dong-Gun is a South Korean actor. He was born on 7 March 1972 in Seoul, South Korea. He age is 50 Years Old.

He on to study at the Korea National University of Arts School of Drama, though he dropped out before obtaining a degree.

His age is currently 50. He has starred in over 20 feature films.

In his early years, Jang attended the University of Arts but dropped out in order to pursue his acting career.

Before turning to acting, Jang competed in talent competitions. He is of white Asian ethnicity and stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Jang Height

Jang Dong-Gun is a South Korean actor who debuted in 1992.

He was a runner-up in a talent show that landed him a role in a TV drama called “The Warrior’s Way.”

His acting career soon progressed to television roles starring Kim Hee-sun and Kate Bosworth.

His Hollywood debut, “Anarchists”, received mixed reviews, but the film went on to be one of the most popular South Korean films.

The actor has a height of 155 centimeters, but some sources claim that he is even taller.

Regardless of whether Jang Dong-Gun is taller or shorter than most celebrities, he is an appealing figure.

His enviable physique is one of his most defining features, and he’s certainly not in need of a personal trainer.

While he hasn’t revealed the name of his trainer, Jang Dong-gun likely follows a healthy diet and exercises at home.

Jang Wife

The famously private actor surprised the country in November 2009 when he went public with his two-year romance with Ko So-young.

Go So Young, the actress and model married to Jang Dong Gun is making headlines. Go So Young gained fame from her appearance in movies.

She also received high praise from fans for her beautiful face and body.

After her marriage, she retreated to the backstage to care for her husband. It is unknown if she still has children.

However, she is said to have one child. In addition to the actor, Go So Young is the mother of Jang Dong Gun’s daughter, Jang Yoon Seol.

Jang Dong-Gun is known for his role as a nanny in the television show “Friend” and for his role as a martial arts coach in Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War (2004).

He has been married to his wife Go So Young for 12 years.

Jang Movies

Here’s a list of the best Jang Dong-Gun movies. The best Jang Dong-Gun performances don’t always come from the best movies.

Sometimes, they just come from the best performances from movies that were otherwise overlooked.

These films range from Good Morning, President to The Anarchists and have earned millions of dollars worldwide.

If you’ve seen any of these films, you’ll probably agree that they are some of the best performances in a long time.

In 2011, Jang starred in ‘My Way’, a Korean version of a popular American sitcom.

After ‘My Way’, he turned his attention to television dramas.

His SBS drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ was widely regarded.

He also starred in the Chinese adaptation of the French classic ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ and ‘No Tears for the Dead’, which stars Geoffrey Rush as a hitman.

Jang Net Worth

South Korean actor Jang Dong-Gun has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

He has earned this wealth through his career as an actor.

He is considered one of the highest-paid actors in Korea. While his exact income is not known, his net worth is estimated to be $15 million as of 2022.

As a child, Jang Dong-gun grew up in Yongsan, Seoul. He attended Korea National University of Arts School of Drama, but dropped out before graduating.

Although he did not get a degree, he has managed to establish himself as an Actor, earning a net worth that far exceeds that of many other South Korean celebrities.

Jang Dong-Gun has worked in television dramas and films for the past three decades and has amassed a large net worth.

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