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Why YouTubers fight, according to Jarvis VS Michael Le


Jarvis VS Michael Le, a YouTube sensation, knocked out Tik Tok star Michael Le in round 2 with a highlight knockout. It received a lot of attention on social media.

Boxing stars from social media are becoming increasingly popular. Logan and Jake Paul are the most well-known social media stars in boxing, but FaZe Jarvis made a major impression in the ring.

The Social Gloves amateur boxing tournament on Saturday, June 12, paired some of the top YouTubers against Tik Tok stars. Jarvis, a YouTuber, fought Michael Le, cut short the fight.

Le came out quickly and let his fists go in the first round, but Jarvis remained calm and showed superior boxing abilities. He had Le in serious difficulty after scoring two standing 8-counts.

Why YouTubers fight, according to jarvis vs michael le

Jarvis vs Michael le

Jarvis ended the fight in the second round with a devastating right hook that landed straight on Le’s chin. That was the end of the conflict, as it was over in a flash. Even though Le wasn’t cold, he didn’t think of getting up. He appeared as if he didn’t know what had happened to him.

Jarvis has roughly 5 million YouTube subscribers, so his KO of Le became viral in no time. It quickly rose to the top of Twitter’s hot topics list.

After his spectacular knockout of Le, Jarvis displayed some serious power and is likely to return to boxing.

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