Home News Jason Whitlock and Dave Portnoy engage in a nasty Twitter fight.

Jason Whitlock and Dave Portnoy engage in a nasty Twitter fight.


Dave Portnoy and Jason Whitlock are having a petty Twitter feud. Whitlock, a Blaze Media sports broadcaster, labelled Portnoy a “complete fake and sellout” on Tuesday.

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Jason Whitlock, Dave Portnoy fight on Twitter

Jason whitlock

Whitlock said Portnoy would be delivering pizza in Boston if not for his fortune.

Portnoy tweeted at Whitlock, calling him “fat”

According to Whitlock, formerly of ESPN and other outlets, Portnoy has built his career on exploiting “America’s misguided masculinity temperance movement.”

Dave Portnoy and Andrew Tate are masculinity prohibition’s Al Capone and Lucky Lucciano. Whitlock wrote that Portnoy and Tate bootleg masculinity online.

Portnoy developed a sports media empire by pretending to be a daring ESPN disruptor fighting wokefication. He’s a fake and sellout. Only money and illegal women attract him. He sold Barstool to a gambling firm for hundreds of millions of dollars, and now Barstool is as woke as ESPN,” Whitlock said, alluding to a reported $387 million deal to sell Barstool to casino and racetrack operator Penn Entertainment.

Portnoy then tweeted a video of Whitlock from December, in which he called Portnoy “the most disruptive and influential force in sports journalism”

Whitlock replied, “I used to like Howard Stern. He capitulated. Money-driven people do that. I liked Colin Kaepernick. I could talk forever about things and people I supported. People sellout, I leave.”

Portnoy said he’s “under attack” because he’s “brash, not politically correct, and has told jokes.”

Portnoy said, “While I help small businesses, Fat Jason Whitlock eats.”

It was unclear what prompted Whitlock’s initial missive, and while neither he nor Portnoy made much of a coherent point during their petty exchanges, the dust-up was entertaining if nothing else. And for a pair of notorious provocateurs, perhaps that was the point.

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