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Jeff Bezos’ spaceflight: Live updates


Blue Origin
Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos is set to fly to space in New Shepard, the Blue Origin rocket that has had 15 successful test launches but has never flown humans before. So how safe is it?

Blue Origin’s senior director Gary Lai, a former NASA employee, says it is the safest capsule and vehicle ever made for a man’s flight to space, adding that he would even fly his children on board, CNN’s Rachel Crane reports.

“Every system on board that is needed for safety has a backup. And in most cases, there is a backup to the backup,” he told CNN.

“The biggest backup system on board is the crew escape system. If there is something that’s detected that’s wrong with the rocket, it will automatically ignite a solid rocking motor that will propel the capsule away … and land safely,” he said.

Lai, who is called the architect of New Shepard, gave another example to demonstrate the safety of the rocket:

“We have three parachutes on board; they open every time. We’ve never had a failure. But only one of them actually has to open to land safely. And that’s just the start. Every computer on board, every battery, every sensor, every wire, every mechanism that we need for safety has one or two backups.”


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