Jeff Van Gundy called Suns ‘hoodlums’ Social media scrutinise Devin Booker

September 5, 2022

Jeff Van Gundy was criticised on social media for his comment regarding Devin Booker in Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

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Jeff Van Gundy calls the Suns “hoodlums,” drawing media attention online

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Booker missed a jumper with 3:32 left in the third quarter, followed his attempt, and put the Suns up 10 on the Bucks.

The former NBA coach’s unusual statement followed the star player’s performance.

“He’s tough. He looks like a choirboy but plays like a thug “Van Gundy:

His mother is Mexican-American and Puerto Rican while his father is an NBA player.

His reply made Mark Jackson giggle.

Ryan Clark, an ESPN NFL analyst, saw the tweet as did many others. The former NFL defensive back stated it was code.

“Van Gundy dubbed D-Book light-skinned. ‘He’s a Choir boy’ That’s code “Clark tweets.

ESPN declined to comment on Friday.

Van Gundy has earned ire for earlier comments. Most recently, it happened in the Western Conference Finals against the Los Angeles Clippers.

In the fourth quarter with more than 4 minutes left, Jae Crowder slapped Clippers star Paul George. George fell on his face after being hit.

The referees stopped play to review whether Crowder committed a severe foul. Van Gundy, a prominent ESPN pundit, firmly disputed that it was a flagrant violation and went on a rant.

“I’m sick of the sissification of the game. That’s hardly a flagrant foul. Defended He fouled him. Shoot your two free throws, “Van Gundy urged.

The Suns won the Clippers series and led the Bucks by one game entering Thursday’s game.

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