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Jenna Marbles, a popular YouTuber, Apologises for the Blackface



Jenna Marbles is a YouTube personality that became one of the first mainstream female stars under Jenna Marbles. She announced Thursday that she would stop her channel due to backlash from Asian people and videos she made in blackface.

Ms. Mourey apologized in a video to the channel’s more than 20 million subscribers. She made the videos in 2011 and 2012, when she was just starting her channel. She stated that she was leaving the platform to “hold me accountable.”

She said, “I am ashamed about things I have done in my past,” in a video signoff.

Jenna Marbles

Ms. Mourey, unlike many internet celebrities, has been making videos for more than a decade and still remains a successful YouTuber, which can make it a hugely lucrative platform for those who create content. In the 11-minute video, Ms. Mourey stated that she wanted to address videos because “We are at a point where we are purging ourself of anything and everything harmful.”


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“It’s difficult for that content to exist now because I think people see it and don’t care about when it was posted or what my journey to get there to here is,” Ms. Mourey stated. It offends them now. If that’s true, then people will see it and be offended. I don’t want it there.”

Ms. Mourey stated that some videos were made public before, but she was now making them public because she was being asked on social media why. She said that she didn’t want to be a part of “negative things happening in the world.”

She stated that she was going to focus on two clips. In 2011, she reenacted Nicki Minaj’s impersonation in a pink wig, with her skin darkerened.

Jenna Marbles said that she did not intend to wear blackface in the video.

Another clip, which she called “a poor year for me in judgement”, was also shown. It featured Ms. Mourey performing a rap song. In the video, Ms. Mourey wears a hat that looks like a Vietnamese non-la and jokes that she is being racist for mocking Asians by using an offensive stereotype.


She also apologized for the 2012 video she made “ranting about girls sleeping all around” which she claimed showed she had “internalized sexism”.

Ms. Mourey stated that she kept other videos private to protect the feelings of those who struggle with gender identity.

She said, “I am just trying to navigate the universe.”

Ms. Mourey stated that she would stop posting videos to her YouTube channel, but she didn’t know how long or if it would be permanent.

She said, “Just live and be.” She said that’s all.

Jenna Marbles Black face

Ms. Mourey is the latest to speak out about the past depictions of blackface. Episodes of “30 Rock,” a hit TV comedy, were removed from streaming services this week because they contained skits featuring blackface actors.


Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon both apologized for wearing blackface. These apologies were made amid nationwide protests against racism and police mistreatments of black people.

In recent years, Ms. Mourey expanded her work to the livestreaming platform Twitch. She shares a channel there with Julien Solomita, her partner. They appeared together at TwitchCon 2017 and were nominated in 2018 for a Shorty Award for their work on Twitch.

Other YouTubers have been criticized recently for making racist skits. Shane Dawson has been repeatedly criticized over old videos in which he was wearing blackface and Jeffree Star who was recently accused by some of his offensive and racist comments. David Dobrik, a YouTuber, was hit with backlash after an old video of him and Liza Koshy emerged in which they mimicked speaking Japanese.

Many YouTube users expressed their sadness at Ms. Mourey’s decision to quit. Several resurfaced a video where she spoke out about race and privilege. “White privilege is a privilege and if it’s not acknowledged, it’s contributing to the problem.” She explains that it’s not an innocent crime.


Some YouTubers were disappointed by her departure and expressed concern about her impact on the community, as she was one of its most well-known female creators. Sky Williams, a YouTuber, tweeted “Jenna’s a huge part of YouTube creation,” and said that he “grew-up” watching her.

Hank Green, a YouTube star, wrote that we should not be judged by our actions when we are ignorant but rather how we respond when we are informed. Jenna Marbles stands out among many YouTubers by this measure.

Others pointed out the harsh treatment that black people received in the industry and the obstacles it created to their success. Akilah Hughes, a popular YouTuber, tweeted that her tears were reserved for black people who won’t even try to make a YouTube career.

She wrote, “I hope one-day people can learn and transform and grow before making millions of dollars doing dark face.”


Jenna Marbles Biography

Jenna Nicole “Marbles”, a YouTube sensation, was born September 15, 1986. Her first job was as a blogger at (a sister site to Jenna’s YouTube success began in 2010 with her video, “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Beautiful”, which received 5.5 million views within the first week. It has since surpassed 70,000,000 views. Jenna’s 2011 video,

“How to Avoid Talking to People You Don’t Want To Talk To”, was featured in an article by the New York Times. Jenna used Jenna’s quote, “I’m sick of guys thinking that just cause I showed up at dance, club, or bar, it means that they want my genitalia touching mine.”

Jenna has stopped making videos at the moment. There is a Facebook and Tumblr pages for Jenna, with several million of their followers. She also used to have Instagram and Twitter accounts. Jenna has a YouTube channel, JennaMarblesVlog. She was also a co-host on the Jenna Julien podcast.

Jenna was also a host of the twitch streamed Mondays and the YouTube 15 on SiriusXM Fridays. Jenna, her ex boyfriend Max and her dogs Marbles and Kermit moved to Santa Monica in 2011.


Jenna broke up with Max in December 2012. Jenna revealed this on December 20.

She began dating Julien Solomita in February 2013. However, she didn’t officially announce their relationship until June 2013. Jenna and Julien lived together sometime in 2013.

Julien, Jenna, and their three dogs purchased a house together in 2018. Julien and Julien have become engaged. They have also adopted two additional greyhounds, Bunny and Loni, in 2018.


Jenna has reached a height of 5″5 since Jenna posted her video “I Want To Be Tall”. She is impossible to contain. She will only grow in height until the world can no longer contain her. She will continue to grow taller and taller. We are all proud of her. She has surpassed 1,000,000x the atmosphere as of April 2020.


Jenna relates many of her childhood memories. One time, she ran into a squirrel riding her bicycle. After her parents divorced, she was born in Rochester, New York.


She was raised primarily by Debbie Machine, her mom. Devin is her older brother. Jenna Marbles attended college at Suffolk University where she received a Bachelors in Psychology. She was a softball player in college.


“So, I’m going to do it because I like people pleasing.”

Jenna holds a Masters in Sports Psychology degree from Boston University. Jenna has worked at several places before she began making videos for She was a go-go dancer, however. For two years she made funny videos with them, until finally she was convinced to open a YouTube account on February 16, 2010. The next day, she uploaded her first video.

YouTube Career-oriented

“I don’t know what to do, but I believe if I knew everything I would be doing something wrong. It makes it impossible for me to grow. Or you will not grow. YouTube makes me happy, and you all make me happy.


Without your support and love, I would be lost. …I don’t know what I want to do in my life. Your love and support have made a huge difference in my life. I am more confused than ever.

I was overwhelmed by all the comments and realized that all I want is to make people happy.

Jenna started out making random videos with Mr. Marbles, and then documenting her work as a nightlife photographer. After her viral hit “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Beautiful”, she continued posting sporadically. She began posting every Wednesday/Thursday after that.

Max Weisz and Jenna split in late 2012. Jenna introduced Julien Solomita to her fans a short time later. Jenna’s fans initially reacted negatively to Julien Solomita, particularly when he began appearing in her videos. But, after showing his Aries Energy people began to get to know him better. Julien now appears in Jenna’s videos often and assists her with the shooting.


Jenna started making beauty videos in 2016. She added her own spin to the challenge, like exposing horrible “5-minute” crafts and putting on a full face of Rhinestones. These videos caught the eye of James Charles, a well-known beauty guru who Jenna collaborated with on his channel on February 26 2019.

Nearly all her videos receive over 1 million views within the first week. Jenna has more than 20 million subscribers, making her channel one of the most loyal.

Jenna Marbles uploaded a video entitled ‘A Message’ in June 2020. In it, she apologized for previous videos that were inappropriate.

Two videos she showed were particularly notable. They showed Jenna in blackface, mocking Asian culture and women who sleep around’. Jenna looked extremely upset and emotional.


Then she stated that she was going to leave YouTube because she had posted insensitive content in the past. Later, the video was deleted. “Making a Dog Birthday Cake” is her latest video.

Julien and Jenna announced in August 2020 that the Jenna & Julien Podcast would be ending. The final episode will be released on August 17th, just a month after Julien had been able to produce episodes on his own. Jenna as well as Julien were both extremely emotional.

Jenna, who has since left social media, surprised everyone by appearing on the show. All episodes of Jenna & Julien are available on YouTube and podcast services.

Jenna Mourey’s plans to return to YouTube are not known.

A bright spot in news: Julien, who proposed to Jenna in April 2021, announced that they were now engaged.


Julien Solomita began to see her in February 2013. Julien Solomita was her first contact. Before that, she would talk to Julien and have her eyes closed.

Jenna’s first video Julien was viewed in was “How To Mildly Annoy Your Dogs”, where Julien can be seen holding the camera and can be heard letting out his loud breaths.

Jenna’s mom Deborah Mourey, a.k.a. The Debbie Machine is a fan and has also appeared in some videos.

Jenna lived in Boston for a long time before moving to LA.


Jenna says she had only five Santa Monica friends.

An Instagram account posts Jenna’s same photo every day. (@samepicofjennamarbles)

You can also find two accounts that post Jenna’s pictures based on your name. @whichjennaareyou or @whatjennaru

She is 5’5.


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