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Jenni Rivera Death: Find Out What Happened In The Plane Crash


Jenni Rivera Death: A Mexican-American singer, was only 43 years old when her Learjet crashed in Mexico in 2012. She was just about to become a big star. On December 9, 2012, a plane left the Mexican city of Monterrey to go to the city of Toluca.

But not long after takeoff, the plane suddenly fell back to Earth, almost straight down, reaching speeds of over 600 mph before it crashed. All seven people on the plane died, including Jenni Rivera, a famous Mexican-American singer.

Jenni Rivera’s death shocked her many fans, who had fallen in love with her as “La Diva de la Banda,” or “The Queen of the Band.” She told them about her life, from when she was a teen mom to when she was in an abusive relationship. Rivera’s fans loved how strong and emotional her music was. It stood out in the heavily male-dominated genres of banda and nortea.

But on that December night, all of her hard work and incredible success at the top came to an end. Later reports said that Rivera, her group, and two pilots had gotten on a plane that had been in an accident before. Also, a later investigation found that there were some strange things about the two pilots themselves.

In the end, Jenni Rivera’s death at age 43 cut short a life that seemed like it was going to go places. Rivera was already famous in the Spanish-speaking world, but it looked like she was about to become even more famous. This is her story, which is very sad.

The Amazing Rise to Fame of Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera Death

Fans of Jenni Rivera liked that she had to work hard to get where she is now. She was born on July 2, 1969, in Long Beach, California, to parents who had crossed the border from Mexico into the U.S. illegally. She grew up in a musical family, and her father encouraged her to use her vocal talents.

Her father, Don Jorge Rivera, who ran his own record label, told Rolling Stone, “I used to make Jenni sing the choruses of the songs we recorded.” “At first, she didn’t like it, but then she got into it.”

Even though Jenni Rivera’s family had connections in the music business, her success was not a given. Rivera was only 15 when she got pregnant, so her parents kicked her out of the house right away. Then, when she got married to the baby’s father, José Trinidad Marn, in 1985, he started to treat her badly.
Rivera told CNN in Spanish that Marn beat her up because she wanted to go to college (and did). When she found out that Marn had abused their daughter and Rivera’s younger sister, they split up in 1992.

Jenni Rivera’s sadness turned out to be her salvation

She was divorced and had three kids. She got back together with her family and started working for the record label her father ran. Soon after that, Rivera began to record songs on her own. In 1995, her first full-length album, La Chacalosa, came out.

From there, things started to get better for Jenni Rivera. Rivera released album after album of songs about her life, and she quickly found fans among Spanish-speaking women who had been through similar hard times.

Her father told Rolling Stone that her husbands and men in the business world called her fat, worthless, and ugly. “They said she’d fail… but her success came from the pain she went through. I am amazed by everything she did today.”

In fact, Rivera quickly turned her success in music into a bigger stardom. She appeared on reality TV shows, became an activist, and sold out venues like L.A.’s Nokia Theatre. She also made a line of makeup, made perfumes with her name on them, and sold things like hair dryers and flat irons.

Rivera told CNN en Espaol

“It’s very flattering when people tell me I’m a great artist, a great entertainer, and that when I’m on stage I can go into the recording studio and make a great production.” “But I was a businesswoman before all of that. I’m mostly interested in business.

Jenni Rivera’s death was sad, but it was because of business. In December 2012, she made plans to fly from Monterrey, Mexico, where she had just played a sold-out show, to Toluca, where she was going to be on Mexico’s version of The Voice. But Rivera and her group wouldn’t make it off the plane alive.

How Jenni Rivera’s plane crashed and killed her

At 3:15 a.m. on December 9, 2012, a Learjet left Monterrey, Mexico, with Jenni Rivera, her lawyer, publicist, hairdresser, makeup artist, and two pilots. The plan was for them to get to Toluca before dawn.

But they couldn’t get there. USA Today says that about 10 minutes after taking off, the twin-engine turbojet fell off the radar screen. An investigation done after the crash found that it probably fell straight down from 28,000 feet at over 600 miles per hour before it crashed.

The Secretary of Communications and Transportation, Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, told USA Today that the plane “almost nose-dived.” “The effects must have been awful.” But at first, her family thought she might have made it through the crash. Even though Rivera’s ID was found among the wreckage, her mother said at a press conference that Rivera might have been able to live.

Rosa Saavedra told reporters, “I still trust God that maybe the body isn’t hers.” This made it sound like Rivera could have been taken from the crash site, as reported by USA Today. “We hope it’s not true. Someone might have taken her and left another woman there.
“It is 100% certain that Jenni is no longer with us,” her brother Pedro told ABC News on December 13. “That’s Jenni, and she’s heading home right now… God let us use her for 43 years, but now he has her back. I know that she is with Him.”

Still, questions remained. While her fans and loved ones were sad about her death, investigators tried to figure out what happened.

What happened to cause Jenni Rivera’s death

Jenni Rivera died at the age of 43. After her death, investigators looked into what went wrong during her plane crash. Billboard says that the plane’s destruction made their job harder, but they did figure out a couple of reasons why the plane might have fallen out of the sky.

Mexico’s General Civil Aviation Administration (DGAC) said that bad weather, a fire, or an explosion were not likely causes. They thought the horizontal stabiliser was broken. The plane was “more than 43 years old” and had been flown by two extremely different-aged pilots, 78 and 21.

Before its fatal flight, the Learjet had, in fact, had some major problems. CNN said that in 2005, the Learjet hit a runway marker while landing, causing “substantial damage.

Miguel Pérez Soto, the older of the two pilots, should not have been able to fly the plane. He didn’t have a licence to fly with instruments, and Mexican law said he was too old to fly a 6,800-kilogram plane like the Learjet (though he had apparently received approval to do so earlier that same year). And Alejandro Torres, the younger of the two pilots, was not allowed to fly the plane outside the United States.

Since the explosion destroyed both flight recorders, the only thing the authorities have been able to figure out is that the plane crashed because “the aircraft lost control for unknown reasons.”

A judge ruled in 2016 that the plane’s owner caused the crash. Reports that Starwood Management LLC must pay $70 million to Rivera’s four employees.

But for a lot of people, no amount of money could take away the pain of Jenni Rivera’s death and the amazing work she didn’t finish.

What the Mexican American star left behind

Today, both her fans and her family miss Jenni Rivera. She left behind her parents, siblings, and five children. She also left behind a dream of becoming a superstar that she never got to do. The Los Angeles Times said that she was about to gain more fans and become a symbol of diversity.

At the time of her death, Rivera had already started working on several new projects. She had sold more than 15 million records. She sold a lot of beauty products and was also becoming more popular on TV, especially through a reality show she made and starred in.

Still, Rivera kept struggling in secret, even after he became successful. In 2019, a Mexican radio host named Pepe Garza said that Rivera had told him in an interview in 2012 that she was getting a lot of death threats, especially when she went to Mexico for concerts. This interview happened just a few months before she died, which is creepy.

Rivera seemed very confused

During the interview about why people were threatening her in the first place. “I don’t know, and there’s nothing wrong with what I do,” she insisted. show a lot of respect to other people. I don’t have anything against any group or cartel.Rivera told the Los Angeles Times that the FBI had to defend her from one threat.

She was more than just a good singer or business woman. Women all over the world looked up to her because of how strong she was when things didn’t go her way. Rivera herself said this before she died:

“I can’t focus on the bad things because that will destroy me. Maybe the best I can do is to try to forget about my problems and think about the good things. I am just like every other woman, and bad things happen to me just like they do to every other woman.

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