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Who was Jennifer Hernandez Tributes pour in as IFBB female bodybuilder


Jennifer Hernandez: According to rumors on the internet, Jennifer Hernandez, a women’s physique competition, has died. The 58-year-old bodybuilder is said to have died on October 24.

Hernandez’s family has yet to issue a comment about her death, but a fellow bodybuilder, Denis James, turned to Instagram to make the announcement.

His statement was as follows and Jennifer Hernandez

Jennifer Hernandez

“I’m still in disbelief, and I can’t believe we’ve lost Jen.” Jennifer Hernandez, may you rest in peace. “You will be missed for the rest of my life.”

Jennifer Hernandez last competed in the Tampa Pro 2021 in August. Since 2005, the fitness enthusiast has competed in women’s physique competitions. Since 2009, she has competed as an IFBB Pro. She was 47 years old at the time.

Jennifer Hernandez’s internet fans pay tribute to her.

Jennifer Hernandez’s family has not stated the reason of death, although admirers believe her career as a bodybuilder played a factor in her premature demise. Several additional stories of bodybuilders dying in their prime often reach the news.

George Peterson, who died earlier this month, was the most recent example.

According to her website, Jennifer Hernandez’s major purpose was to share positivity, optimism, and motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle.

She has stated on her website about her objective and goals

“Everyone has the potential to shine brightly like a star.” We have the ability to live life to the fullest.”

As soon as news of her death circulated online, fans began to speculate. She died after a heart attack, according to several social media users. Others speculated that she had overdosed.

Jennifer Hernandez’s Instagram followers inundated the platform

“OMG. I met her because of you… She was a darling to the core. Please accept my condolences for her family and friends. (She had her daughter drive me to the supermarket when she found out I needed to go.) Amazing human being.

She’ll continue to shine down from the heavens on all of us. Jen, rest in peace.”

“This is heartbreaking; may the Lord protect and guide her family as they cope with her death.” May she truly rest in peace in the afterlife.”

A few netizens expressed their displeasure

“Something is wrong in the bodybuilding scene, which is why we’re losing so many athletes these days.”

“It’s time to call it quits. When will the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness take action? Their silence is a form of collaboration.

We, the actual fans, are sick and weary of seeing you incredible athletes die far too soon. We enjoy having you on stage, but we’d prefer to have you around.”

The bodybuilder also stated on her website that she wants to “educate you to make better lifestyle choices so that you can enjoy a life filled with good health, great energy, happiness, and love.” Let’s make the world a better place by spreading more love and pleasure.”

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