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Jill Rhodes Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Height and More



Jill Rhodes: Hi, Friends Today I am going to share some interesting information on the topic of Jill Rhodes. Please go through the article and enjoy reading it.

Jill Rhodes Biography

Jill Rhodes

Name Jill Rhodes
Nickname Jill
Profession Journalist
Height   5’4″
Weight   54 kg
Hair Color  Light Brown
Eye Color   Dark Brown
Date of Birth    27/08/1962 
Birth Place   Montgomery, Alabama
Nationality   American
Zodiac sign/Sun sign   Virgo
Hometown United States
School Not Known
College University of Alabama
Education Qualification Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism
Father   Not Known
Mother Not Known
Sister   Not Known
Brother   Not Known
Marital Status   Divorced
Spouse/Partner   Sean Hannity
Children   2
Net Worth $55 Million
Salary  Not Known
Debut   Not Known
Religion   Christianity

Jill Rhodes was born on the year 27 August 1962. In the place of Montgomery, Alabama in the United States of America. She is an American by nationality and from white ethnicity. Rhodes grew up in her hometown. But nothing is known about Jill’s parents or any siblings.

Jill Rhodes’s Education

She went to school. She was studied at the University of Alabama. There she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.


Jill Rhodes’s Career

Jill Rhodes was formerly an American reporter. He also worked as a political columnist for the Huntsville Times. However, Jill rose to fame after marrying Sean Hannity, a renowned or notorious TV talk show host and political commentator.

After graduating, she has started her job as a reporter. Working at a local cable network. Before she moved on to Fox News. Jill working as a political columnist with the Huntsville Times. Afterward, she worked as a book editor for a while in Manhattan, New York City.

In the year 1991, while working with Huntsville Times. Jill received a call from Sean Hannity. She was working as a host on WVNN radio. It would frequently call Jill to try to obtain some interesting story ideas. Jill has always offered him moral support in his journalistic career.

In the year 2002, Hannity wrote a book that is dedicated to his wife and kids. The book’s name is “Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty Over Liberalism”. Although her career did not last long. Because she chose to take care of her family. So, for that, she left a mark in the journalism industry.


Jill Rhodes’s Marriage and Children

Jill and Sean later met face to face in the year 1992. Immediately Jill felt that Sean was the man, whom she wanted to marry. Jill’s true to her feelings. It was love at a first sight for Jill. Because the moment she laid her eyes on Sean.

She knew that there she wanted to marry him. This was during a meeting that Sean had planned with Jill. Disguising it as a work thing. When both of them in the real sense. It was a date, during the Huntsville mayoral debate that Sean had arranged.

The two got married in the year 1993. They started their married life in the place of Atlanta in Georgia. The couple has been a made for the better part of their careers.

Both of them are blessed with a son, Patrick Hannity. Their daughter Merri Kelly. Their son Patrick was born six years after. When Jill and Sean married and his sister was born in the year 2002. They all live together as a family. Like with the two children, both are love playing tennis.


Interesting Truth about Jill Rhodes

There are a number of interesting truths about Jill, and Sean. Some of them are including that he was accused of sexual harassment. There was a campaign that resulted in Roger Ailes. A former chief of Fox News. Bill O’Reilly was resigning and Sean was also not spared.

An adverse to change blogger by the name Debbie Schlussel pointed a culpability finger at Sean. In an interview with Pat Campbell of Oklahoma Radio. Accusing him of inviting her to a hotel room. Then he had booked in Detroit. He denied the allegations and even threatened to file charges. But the story has died after some time.

Sean dedicated a book to his wife. In his first bestseller in which he talks about how his wife and children complete his life. He also admitted that his wife is the force that pushes him to succeed. So, he achieves so much in his career.

Jill and her husband plan to move. Sean and Jill want their children to study from high school. Become adults so that they can finally relocate from Long Island. Where they currently live to another place. Ideally to Naples in Florida.


Jill together with her husband initially worked for a charity in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The Controversies on the Social Media

Hannity has faced different controversies. One of them is being that he confessed to loving other women. More than his own wife. In the year 2013, he created news on social media. When he made a comment on his radio show.

Sean was asked about his opinion regarding other women apart from his wife. He said, “You cannot help but notice attractive people, and if you say you can, then you are full of it”. After this show, there was lots more strong evidence.

That the couple would separate. But both of them were quickly dismissed. This power couple has remained. The whole family currently lives in the place of Long Island, New York.


Jill Rhodes’s Net Worth

She had made assets from her successful journalistic career. Also being the wife of a famous journalist. She has apparently helped her net worth. Through the increase by Long-term the value of the shares issued by a company.

Also with the Anticipation securities and bounds. Reputable sources estimate her net worth stands at the amount of $55 million. As of the early year of 2019. Jill’s husband, on the other hand, has a net worth of around $80million.

This makes the couple’s finances enough to allow them. To live a very comfortable life together with their children.

So, this is the important information on the topic of Jill Rhodes. Here I have mentioned the Biography, Education, Career, Interesting facts, Marriage and Children, The Controversies on Social Media, and also the Net Worth of Jill and Sean.


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