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Joe Son – Actor and Mixed Martial Artist Everything You Need To know


Joe Son Joseph Hyungmin Son was born in South Korea and moved to America when he was five years old. He is a former professional wrestler and mixed martial artist. His most famous film appearance was as Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. However, he is also a convicted felon.

Joe Son MMA career Life

Joe Son was a former mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who was born in South Korea. He was also an actor and a convicted felon. His most well-known appearance came on the 1997 film Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

As a pro wrestler and kickboxer, Son won a black belt in taekwondo. However, he only competed in the MMA world briefly.

He began his career in the MMA world with a fight against Keith Hackney. The fight went to the ground and Son tapped out.

In the next few years, Son fought in several more MMA bouts, but he did not show any signs of success. Eventually, he ended up in prison and his rape case was put to trial.

He had a dark past that included multiple criminal acts, including a rape and murder in Huntington Beach, California. After being found guilty, Son was sentenced to life in prison.

In the UFC, Son was a part of the heavyweight division. He made the quarterfinals in the UFC 3.

Later in his MMA career, he fought in the Japanese promotion PRIDE. He lost to Jukei Nakajima in his last fight.

Joe Son Kickboxing career

Joe Son is a Korean martial artist and actor. Born November 22, 1970, he moved to California when he was young. He has a minor pro wrestling career, and has been featured in several films. During his MMA career, he fought twice for Pride and once for UFC.

After graduating from taekwondo, he entered a tournament as a black belt. As a result, he began a criminal act that would eventually lead him to conflict with law.

In 1990, Son and his associate, Santiago Gaitan, kidnapped a woman and took her to their home in Huntington Beach, CA. This led to a rape. Eventually, Son was arrested, and he was later convicted of manslaughter. The pair were sentenced to life in prison.

Joe Son also participated in a number of other criminal acts. His most famous bout was against Kenpo karate fighter Keith Hackney at the UFC 3. It was a short fight, but Son fought well and scored a mild knockdown with a right hook.

Joe Son Acting career

As a martial arts fighter and actor, Joe Son had an up-and-down career. Despite being 0-4 as a kickboxer and fighter, Son made a living from his profession and his appearances in films.

He briefly appeared in the UFC octagon in 2003, but did not make any more movies. His acting career ended with the film Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. The film’s villain, Random Task, was a parody of Odd Job from the James Bond series.

While he was in prison, the details of his 1990 rape in Huntington Beach, California, began to come to light. Authorities eventually found DNA evidence linking Son to the brutal crime.

However, the case went cold for several years, with the initial charges being dropped because of statute of limitations laws.

When his trial began in 2011, the court was shocked to learn that Son had been in prison for nearly two decades for a similar offense. Although the 1990 case was not prosecuted, details of it were revealed.

Crimes he committed

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has convicted Dominic Ongwen for 61 crimes against humanity he committed in Northern Uganda between July 2002 and December 2005.

These crimes were in the context of the Lord’s Resistance Army rebellion against the government of Uganda.

In this trial, the prosecution alleged that Ongwen committed crimes against civilians in IDP camps. They also alleged that he used children under 15 in hostilities.

However, he did not suffer from mental disorder during the period in question, nor did he commit any crime while under threat. Nevertheless, the ICC found him to be fully responsible for the crimes he committed.

During the trial, the defendant admitted to committing crimes, including stealing tools from a garage and robberies in 1985. He also admitted to cutting wrists in a juvenile lockup and joyriding. Moreover, he was on parole when he committed the crimes.

Ultimately, the court found him to be guilty of all the crimes he committed and he was sentenced to a total of 300 months in prison

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