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Juco shopping bags and eco-friendly bags



The bad news is that non-biodegradable products and finite resources are putting our environment in jeopardy, but the good news is that individuals are fighting to change that. People are becoming increasingly aware of the problems produced by plastics. As a result, various eco-friendly bagging materials have become increasingly popular.


Juco is a new eco-friendly combination fabric that is highly adaptable. Juco is a relatively modern and durable fabric comprised of a 75% juco and 25% cotton blend (25 percent ). Juco is an excellent mix of juco and cotton. Juco combines the benefits of both juco and cotton to present the best of both worlds. Juco is commonly used in the production of bags, pouches, and other fabrics.

How is juco better than plastic?

Juco is biodegradable and compostable, unlike plastic. Jute’s relevance has expanded throughout time as a result of its reusability, space efficiency, low cost, durability, and porosity. Juco bags have proven to be a lifesaver when compared to plastic bags.

Why should we use juco bags instead of plastic bags?

Compared to plastic and paper bags, this is a more cost-effective option. Compared to promotional carry bags, they are stronger and can hold greater weight. Durable and long-lasting, unlike plastic and paper bags, easily torn. Juce has high insulating and antistatic qualities, low thermal conductivity, and a moderate moisture re-absorption rate.


With Carrefour reusable shopping bags, you can make your next supermarket trip more environmentally responsible!

Carrefour has various options for you to pick from, including foldable canvas bags and heavy-duty juco bags. Go to your local hypermarket or supermarket and make your selection.

Best Eco- friendly Juco Bag supplier in Dubai

Bag for future is the one of the best plateform where you can get juco bag at affordable price. If you are searching for best and affordable eco- friendly juco bag supplier in Dubai you must visit its official website.

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