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June Oswald, the oldest of Lee Harvey’s


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june lee oswald
june lee oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald remains one of the central figures associated with the Kennedy assassination three decades later, and Norman Mailer recently added to this discussion by publishing “Oswald’s Tale: An American Mystery”, set for release later this month. June Oswald Porter, 33-year-old daughter of Lee Harvey Oswald, understands first-hand the devastating repercussions an assassination can cause.

Marina quickly learned that shopping with Rachel often involved stares and pointed fingers from strangers, leading to heated debates which quickly escalated into heated arguments between them. Marina Oswald recognized the risks posed by being the focus of attention herself and her children being the focal points, so she ensured June and Rachel always dressed formally regardless of task or budget constraint; “so we wouldn’t come off as poor white trash”, recalls June wryly.

As she entered public school, June took Kenneth Porter – her stepfather from Marina Oswald’s 1965 marriage – as her surname and adopted his last name of Porter. However, this decision came at a cost: she found herself the target of frequent negative references about her parents and family that weren’t meant as compliments; for instance when one male co-worker made comments similar to what had previously been mentioned about June “resembling young Marina Oswald,” only for later regretting having insulted June before quickly apologising assuring and saying they meant no offense when making such comparisons and quickly assuring them and saying they “didn’t mean insult her.”

Marina Oswald reported in recent interviews to feel content, saying her childhood was “pretty happy”, thanks to June Oswald (now 53). June remains circumspect about talking publicly about either their marriage or its end; although both took place in 1992, June still prefers not discussing either publicly in order to protect both sons from becoming part of any assassination cultist clique that might develop around Marina (who still uses Marina’s maiden name when engaging in business transactions; she specifically requests neither Marina Oswald nor Rachel Oswald be published).

She advocates for the release of all documents related to the assassination, asserting: “We must pressure our government into taking immediate steps before it’s too late.

Q: What are your opinions of Norman Mailer’s new book?

A: While I can’t comment on its conclusions yet, when I started reading I became fully absorbed. Mailer is such an incredible writer; when he traced my ancestry all the way back from Russia – where my mother would likely not have been born had she not had an illegitimate birth – chapter one felt like opening an album I never knew existed.

I was absolutely taken aback at the idea of this book The author may be the first writer-researcher to interview sources inside Russia’s government and give new insight into an aspect of Russian politics that had not previously been explored extensively.

Q: Have you kept abreast of various conspiracy theories?

A: Increasingly so – usually as part of my efforts to release records.

Congress adopted legislation at the conclusion of Bush Administration mandating that all government agencies review their files for any information about JFK’s assassination and release it to the public unless there are national security or other considerations involved. If documents require redaction before being released to public view then these must be sent over to an Assassination Records Review Board who will decide how best to release these versions – either blacked-out versions only, or all documents without redactions will be given over for consideration by this body.

Q: You have maintained a low profile. Why did you decide to speak out now?

A: A: Due to misinformation being spread regarding Gerald Posner’s book “Case Closed,” they invited my mother onto television live interview without reading through its entirety, making her appear foolish before both their interviewer and viewers. People acting against her made her look ridiculous by manipulating and abusing her to obtain an interview that never actually took place In my mind, they used language abilities against her during an interview that wasn’t fully comprehended by her. I think they manipulated her into appearing ignorant by asking specific questions that caused her to appear foolish; such as asking what material had already been read. By doing this they used this tactic against herself by making her seem ignorant before even beginning reading on her own. In essence they used her against herself by making her appear foolish before even starting.

“Initially I wrote President Clinton asking him to establish the review board necessary for assassination records to be released as per Bush legislation. After watching my mother make her controversial appearance in a television interview, however, I realized I needed answers immediately and decided that going public myself may be necessary.”

Q: Many are unaware you are Lee Oswald’s daughter; could you explain your current identity and how most people perceive you?

A: Both. My mother writes articles without my knowledge; sometimes her writing features my name in it. We used Porter as our surname as children but never legally adopted it. One of my former jobs involved copying out articles and passing copies around all staff desks at once; an employee would connect the dots by copying and distributing copies across desks.

As I wanted to avoid becoming the subject of gossip in my building, I gathered together approximately 10 employees and announced: “Yes, that is me in that article; had I wanted to share sooner I would have; however I do not feel this information is relevant for our work here and thank you all for keeping it quiet.”

As previously stated, I greatly admire their work but do not partake in similar activities myself. When communicating with others, try to be kind; making someone angry could prompt them to seek you out in some form or another.

Mom, Rachel and I have always had an adoring following; eager to hear more about any events or relationships involving us. That was certainly the case when my first serious boyfriend tracked me down; during our time together he informed me that having children would mean Lee Harvey Oswald’s blood would run through their veins.

So he moved to Boston and asked for me to join, yet his parents refused because my presence would decrease their property value.

As soon as I realized he was conducting research into attempted assassinations attempts, I became his ally. At first all I knew in Idaho was Priscilla Johnson McMillan; she wrote my mother’s biography book Priscilla ended up hosting us during summer stays in Idaho.

My boyfriend would sneak down into Priscilla’s basement and search through her files, selling an article to Penthouse or Playboy magazine about your mother having sexual relations with Priscilla for an exorbitant sum – I believe $25,000. What broke the spell was when one evening he announced this plan: “I’m selling an article to Penthouse or Playboy about your mother – let’s sell this” At that moment I realized enough was enough and devised an exit strategy.

Q: At what point were you made aware of your father’s murder?

A: My mother showed us boxes containing letters written after his murder offering financial support as she didn’t speak the language fluently herself.

By some miraculous turn of events, my boxes opened and my mom began reading them – she decided it was time for all of us to know and sat us down along with my stepbrother to explain who our real father (not Kenneth), Lee’s role in our lives, and why she hadn’t informed us sooner. That moment alone had both myself and Mom sobbing openly with tears pouring freely down our cheeks.

Q: At what age did this occur?

A: Likely during my first grade years. Many have speculated that upon hearing the news I reportedly stood up in class and made statements like, “My father shot the President”. Luckily I don’t recall making such claims.

My second grade experience included learning about Presidents. John F. Kennedy was depicted throughout our studies with pictures; when it was his turn to speak, I was instructed to sit across the hall in a timeout room.

Q: How did being singled out make you feel?

A: At that time-out I was planning my campaign for class president; therefore being noticed didn’t feel negative in any way.

Rachel found Lee to be different; she felt trapped by it all and Kenneth wasn’t her true father figure; Rachel wanted to get to know Lee better and expected that he become an ideal father figure figure for her in all aspects.

Q: As your children age, do you ever worry about informing them?

A: Yes. At first I considered whether it was my duty to inform them; what I’d tell them and whether my tone seemed harsh in comparison with others; whether this news came across as arrogant; however my children seem fine with how open and honest I have been; this may also be because this is how I normally approach other aspects of life – no surprise there.

Genealogically speaking, one must always worry. Lee was an illegitimate child similar to my own mother; thus I often consider what effect his ancestry will have on our children and if there may be hidden relatives who become role models for our offspring.

But herein lies the key distinction. When we visited the set of “J.F.K.” during production, someone made Rachel aware that her father had been an iconic hero; this greatly resonated with her and inspired her to participate with what was taking place there. Rachel especially appreciated these remarks given how desperately she desired an intimate connection with him.

Initial responses seemed absurd: even if evidence proved his innocence, he likely wouldn’t be seen as heroic; rather he may simply become another statistic for political campaigns to exploit.

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