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Kakashi Sharingan Eye: How Did Kakashi Get His Sharingan?



Kakashi Sharingan Eye: During a childhood assignment, Obito Uchiha offered Kakashi his eye.

Because half of his body had been crushed, Obito advised that Rin have his surviving eye medically transplanted into Kakashi.

What happened to Kakashi’s sharingan? It was given to him by Obito as he was dying on a mission.


Along with Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohora, Kakashi was a member of Minato’s ninja team.

Rin was kidnapped by Stone Village Ninja, and Obito decided to save her on his own because Kakashi was focused on the operation.

Kakashi eventually recognised he had made a mistake by abandoning his squadmates and returned to assist Obito.

Obito pushed Kakashi out of the path to save his life and sacrifice his own when a stone ninja used earth style to collapse the cave around them.


What Happened to Kakashi Hatake Sharingan eye

Kakashi Sharingan EyeWhen Obito’s chakra was transferred to him, Kakashi received sharingan in both eyes.

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Obito’s young-vision form tells Rin that he’d like to donate Kakashi his eye to aid him in combat.

Because chakra is an essence that connects the world, Obito’s chakra “reborn” and reanimated Kakashi’s eye.

Obito revealed his desire for his comrade to succeed him as Hokage.

What Happened to Kakashi’s Sharingan?

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Madara took Kakashi’s sharingan, which he never recovered.


Obito then gave him duel mangekyo sharingans, which caused Kakashi to lose his Uchiha powers as a result of the fight.

In Boruto, does Kakashi have Sharingan?

In Boruto, Kakashi does not have a sharingan. During the Fourth Great Shinobi War, he lost his sharingan abilities after Obito momentarily handed him duel mangekyo sharingans in battle.

Is Kakashi a member of the Uchiha clan?

Kakashi isn’t a member of the Uchiha clan. He has an eye that is unique to the Uchiha clan, although it was given to Kakashi by a natural born Uchiha user.

After being crushed to death, Obito Uchiha gave Kakashi his eye. He didn’t want to waste his eye since if Kakashi was transferred, he could obtain his abilities.


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