Kathy Jacobs: This 56-Year-Old Follows A Strict Diet, Exercises 4 Days A Week, And It Pays Off

September 5, 2022
kathy jacobs

Kathy Jacobs is in the final of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model hunt. Kathy’s no ordinary cover girl. 56-year-old 5’3″

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Kathy Jacobs Lifestyle

kathy jacobs

The California woman cautioned not to misjudge people based on age or height. She hopes her SI cover will change readers’ ideas of beauty.

Kathy modelled in NYC and LA in the 1980s and now cleans floors at Drybar. I self-submitted for modelling and acting jobs and received many.

She modelled for Soji Health and BeautyBlender and appeared in a Green Day bikini music video.

Kathy said she got messages asking for dates, diet, workout, and skincare advice after her SI photographs went viral.

Kathy Jacobs: A Strict Diet, Exercises

She said, “I’m no dietician.” Pre-diabetic, I modified my diet 4 years ago.

Kathy doesn’t eat meat and eats fish twice a week. I consume almond milk every day in coffee and smoothies.

She starts the day with a vegan protein smoothie and meatless sausages. She sometimes makes cheese-and-tomato eggs. Kathy eats protein-rich bean and cheese salads. She’s addicted to Lilly’s sugar-free chocolate chips and peanut butter cups.

Almond flour crackers are delicious. Ugly stevia-sweetened almond flour muffins.

Spaghetti squash might replace pesto, tomato sauce, or fish.

Kathy Jacobs prefers sweet potatoes to white.

Kathy worked out four days a week using SI Swimsuit Instagram routines. IGTV. She joins Katie Austin, Katrina Scott, and Claire Prince’s Instagram workouts.

I miss F45 and bellydance.

Kathy solely uses her own collagen-friendly skincare products made from pumpkin enzyme, vitamin C, and orchid flower stem cells. Kathy spent 5 years in her kitchen developing a skincare line for ladies over 45. She even appeared on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome. She lost against a half-her-age bikini-clad girl.

Florida was a bust for HSN. My skincare line needs finance.”

Kathy Jacobs, who recently sent her daughter to medical school in New York, has tried skin boosters. “I underwent lip filler and botox in my marionette lines. It hurts to be filled.

The woman is of the opinion that making decisions for oneself is the greatest way to age. Let’s show the world who we are as 50-plus women, not let it define us. Let’s throw our appreciation like a boomerang, catch it, and start a movement.

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