Kevin Bacon Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is American Actor

November 11, 2022
kevin bacon net worth

Kevin Bacon Net Worth: Kevin Bacon’s career spans over a decade. Bacon has played many iconic roles, including Footloose to Tremorsto the Following. Many people fell in love with Bacon’s charms back in 1984’s footloose. This movie has been a timeless classic.

He also has a long-lasting marriage Kyra Sedgwick. Since the late 1970s, this happily married father of two has been able work in Hollywood consistently.

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Kevin Bacon Net Worthkevin bacon net worth

Kevin Bacon, an actor and musician in the United States, has a net worth $45 million. This is the combined value of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. Kevin Bacon has proven that he can play both darker and family-friendly roles over the years. His role in Footloose, the 1984 film, is perhaps his most well-known. Kevin Bacon has received many awards over the course of his career.

Net Worth: $45 Million
Date of Birth: Jul 8, 1958 (64 years old)
Place of Birth: Philadelphia
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.79 m)
Profession: Actor, Musician, Voice Actor, Television Director, Film Producer, Film Score Composer
Nationality: United States of America

Early life

Kevin Norwood Bacon was a Philadelphia native, born July 8, 1958. His father was an architect in Philadelphia. He is the youngest child of six. His mother was a first-grade teacher. Kevin Bacon was in highschool when he received a full scholarship for an arts summer school for gifted students. Kevin Bacon began his lifelong passion for acting when he attended the five-week summer courses.

Early Career

Kevin Bacon, aged 17, went alone to New York to pursue a career as a stage actor. Although he was offered a part in National Lampoon’s Animal House, Bacon didn’t see his dream of a successful career. Kevin Bacon spent his first career working as a waiter, and on soap operas such as Search for Tomorrow and Guiding light.

1. A Breakthrough made in the 1980s

Bacon’s career took off during the 1980s. He appeared in Friday, the 13th in 2000. Later plays gave him more prominent roles. First Broadway show: Slab Boys, 1982. He starred in Diner, which was well-received by critics, in 1982. Footloose was one of his most well-known films. Bacon was rumored to have attended high school in a fake name to watch students. Bacon’s movie performances were praised for his extensive research.

His fame from Footloose would prove to be a problem. Kevin Bacon refused to be stereotyped, so he declined roles in Footloose and Diner. This led to fewer opportunities and less success over the next few decades.

2. After Footloose

Kevin Bacon was back in form with Tremors & Flatliners in the 1990s. Bacon realized he could not be a leading man so he switched to being a character actor. He changed his mind and was offered roles in JFK, A Few Good Men. He worked in films like Murder in the First and Apollo 13, Sleepers and Picture Perfect over the next few years.

Kevin Bacon was the director of Hollow Man, a 2000 horror movie. He was also featured in Clint Eastwood’s 2003 film Mystic River. It received great reviews. His role as the darkly complex lead in The Woodsman in 2004 also received a lot of praise.

Kevin Bacon was a mutant baddie in the movie X-Men First Class (2011). Bacon appeared on The Following from 2013 to 2015. He was awarded a Saturn Award for his contributions to the show.

Kevin Bacon appeared in a variety of ads for the EE mobile network, based in the United Kingdom. These ads highlighted things such as the “six degrees” of Kevin Bacon and the various roles he played in movies. Kevin Bacon began appearing in commercials in 2015 for the egg industry in America.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon is credited with the idea of six degrees of separation. The reasons are difficult to understand. This is the belief that everyone on Earth has at least six people in common. The idea was born out of a trivia game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon said that he had worked with every person in Hollywood, or with someone who has. This may be why this game created. After the trivia game was a success, Kevin Bacon became a worldwide icon.

Private Life

Since 1988, Kyra Sedgwick married to Kevin Bacon. Sedgwick, an actor also, met Bacon on Lemon Sky. They have appeared in many movies together since they were married. They currently live in Manhattan with their children. Kevin Bacon had been with Kyra Sedgwick for a while before he met Kyra. Tracy Pollan was her name.

Bernard Madoff and Kevin Bacon

Although Kevin Bacon and Kyra Bacon have a lot of wealth, they also had more money before falling for Bernie Maddoff’s massive Ponzi scheme. According to some reports, the couple lost millions of dollars and could have even lost $30 million to $40 Million.

Real Estate

In December 2011, Kyra and Kevin purchased a house in Los Angeles’ Los Feliz neighborhood for $2.5million. According to public records, they also have a 40-acre parcel of land in Sharon, Connecticut that they purchased in the 1990s. They also own an expensive apartment in New York City that has a view over Central Park.


Kevin Bacon awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003. In 2010, he won two Screen Actors Guild Awards as well as a Golden Globe Award. Bacon has won many other important awards. He has won many awards over the course of his career. Bacon referred to as “one of the greatest actors who has never been nominated to the Academy Award” by The Guardian in 2009.

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Q. How much is Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick worth together?

A. Kevin Bacon currently has a combined net worth of $45 million with his wife Kyra Sedgwick.

Q. Why does Kevin Bacon have 6 degrees?

A. It rests on the assumption that anyone involved in the Hollywood film industry can be linked through their film roles to Bacon within six steps.

Q. Is Kevin Bacon in the MCU?

A. Kevin Bacon joins the MCU in “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special”

Q. What is Kevin Bacon’s biggest movie?

A. Bacon’s No. 1 film, according to critics, remains the 1995 space docudrama “Apollo 13.”

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