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Kia And Hyundai Sued After Viral Tiktok Kia Challenge Car Thefts


Have You Heard about Tiktok kia challenge At the beginning of this year, Kia and Hyundai cars were stolen. Numerous police departments across the US reported an increase in car thefts.

According to some reports, one-fifth of all vehicle thefts in the US this year were caused by Hyundai or Kia cars. These cars are well-known for being family-friendly and high quality.

Tiktok kia challenge: The recent trend in car thefts has damaged both companies’ reputations

tiktok kia challenge

In the US, Kia and Hyundai now face a class-action lawsuit

The lawsuit alleges that Kia and Hyundai purposely built cars without engine immobilizers. This prevents cars from being hot-wired and makes it harder to steal them.

The lawsuit claims that companies knew about the problem but failed to warn customers. The lawsuit also claims that Hyundai and Kia did not issue a public statement acknowledging their problem.

Tiktok kia challenge: The companies refuse to take any action

The federal court filed the suit in Orange County, California. According to the lawsuit, Kia and Hyundai deliberately chose not to install engine immobilizers on their vehicles.

This led to an increase in vehicle thefts. Over three thousand people are currently interested in the class action lawsuit.

Tiktok kia challenge: There is a good possibility that hundreds of thousands more vehicles will be eligible

The plaintiffs claim that the companies refuse to compensate customers for their cars and aren’t addressing the problem.

The lawsuit also claims automakers knew of the problem but chose not to address it to maximize profits. According to the lawsuit, the automakers weren’t notified about the problem until consumers were already at high risk.

The lawsuit alleges that Hyundai and Kia were embarrassed by the problem and didn’t even inform their employees.
The lawsuit claims that Hyundai and Kia failed to take precautions to warn customers about theft.

The lawsuit alleges that companies intentionally chose older technology to save money. This has led to increased thefts and decreased value in the resale marketplace.

The lawsuit also claims that the companies used traditional keys instead of engine immobilizers to unlock their vehicles.

The viral TikTok challenge led to thieves targeting Hyundai and Kia vehicles. Participants were required to steal cars with minimal tools.

Some thieves used USB chords to open the doors and start the car. These thieves have started posting videos online of their crimes, which has generated an inexplicable amount of interest from netizens.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the TikTok Challenge has been associated with car thefts across the country

Los Angeles Police Department believes that thefts have increased due to the absence of immobilizers on Hyundai and Kia cars. This has led to a crisis of public safety in the city.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, one-fifth of vehicle thefts in Los Angeles this year were caused by Hyundai and Kia cars.

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