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Kirishima: Exceeded Expectations 10 facts Of The Anime


Eijiro Kirishima: is one of the physically strongest Heroes in Class 1-A. In some of his best moments, he’s used his power well, but in others, he’s fallen short.

Eijiro Kirishima, a Class 1-A student in My Hero Academia, is a fantastic example of a character that started out as a minor character but grew in importance as the series progressed after starring in a few arcs.

His friendship with Bakugo, as well as his usually upbeat personality, results in several unusual exchanges and entertaining occasions.

Who are the physically strongest Heroes of kirishima?


Kirishima has a lot of potential as a Hero thanks to his Quirk of Hardening, as he is incredibly powerful on both offence and defence. This potential is sometimes squandered in the anime, with him falling short on occasion, but he does have his moments to shine as a potential future Pro Hero.

He Outperformed His Expectations At USJ

Kurogiri, the warp-gate Villain, separated the students in order to make them easier to assault when the League of Villains exposed themselves in a startling attack at the USJ in season 1.

When Kirishima and Bakugo were separated, they developed mutual regard for one another and, despite Bakugo’s protests, a friendship. The two got to exercise their Heroes-in-Training muscles by repelling all attacks from the Villains confronting them, allowing them to assist Deku and Shoto in their efforts to assist All Might.

He Fell Short: He Had a Hard Time Working For The Fourth Kind

The Chivalrous Hero’s work-study experience with Kirishima and Tetsutetsu: Fourth Kind appeared to be a difficult person for the two eager body-hardening students to deal with, as Fourth Kind was frequently irritated with them.

This was ostensible to discipline them and teach them that being a Hero entails more than just fighting and saving people, but based on the anime, Kirishima and Tetsutetsu were continually chastised. Fat Gum later welcomed Kirishima as an intern. Therefore it didn’t really hurt him.

He Overcame Tetsutetsu. Eventually, He Exceeded Expectations

In the Fighting Tournament at the U.A. Sports Festival, Kirishima and Class 1-B’s Tetsutetsu squared off, and they quickly realised and appreciated how similar their Quirks are, both centred on hardening the body.

Their fight was so evenly matched that it culminated in a blow-for-blow duel that resulted in a double knockout. In the next round, they settled the matter with an arm wrestle, which Kirishima won. Kirishima was put to the ultimate test, facing off against his own Quirk, and his ability to conquer and vanquish Tetsutetsu was a tribute to how far he had progressed.

He Wasn’t Able To Assist His Classmates Against The League Of Villains.

During the Forest Training Camp arc, the four pupils who failed their final exam bouts against the teachers – Kirishima, Ashido, Sato, and Kaminari, in addition to Sero – were required to undergo supplemental classes as a punishment and a necessity.

These pupils were held inside by Vlad King for their own safety when the League of Villains’ Vanguard Action Squad attacked the training centre. Despite his protests and desire to assist his buddies, Kirishima chose to remain in the room rather than leave. Kirishima chastised himself for his lack of action when Bakugo was captured by the League.

He Outperformed Expectations: He Was Crucial In Bakugo’s Rescue

Kirishima, Todoroki, and Midoriya took it upon themselves to rescue Bakugo when he was kidnapped by the League of Villains. Kirishima led the charge, seeking retribution for his inaction during the training camp, for which he still felt guilty.

The students attempted to devise a plan to rescue Bakugo with the two-class reps in tow to ensure they didn’t go too far. Despite the fact that the situation had altered and they were all in severe danger, they planned a plan to combine their Quirks and rush in to capture Bakugo and take him away. Kirishima led their effort to assure Bakugo’s compliance, and with a little aid from Mt. Lady, they were able to save him.

He was cut short: he froze and stood there watching as Fat Gum was thrashed.

Fat Gum and Kirishima got separated from the rest of the party during the Pro Hero raid on the Shie Hassaikai and were ambushed by two gang members. Rappa smacked Kirishima in the face right away, practically breaking through his hardened skin and shattering his spirit.

Kirishima became caught up in his own thoughts about how useless and powerless he was, and if it hadn’t been for Fat Gum’s Quirk, which feeds on receiving damage before unleashing a counter-offensive, they might have been gravely harmed as a result of his sudden loss in attention and courage.

He Regained His Cool To Assist Fat Gum He Exceeded Expectations:

Kirishima soon regained his composure and returned to the fight after his brief setback. He was able to withstand Rappa’s lightning-fast punches long enough for Fat Gum to finally launch his comeback. Tengai’s Barrier was broken by Fat Gum, and the Hero duo won the match.

Kirishima needed this time to think on himself, even though it was in the middle of a battle, because it gave his character a fresh sense of purpose and resolve, confirming him as a future Pro Hero.

In The Joint Training Battle Against Class 1-B, he Fell Short: He Was Captured Fairly Easily.

Classes 1-A and 1-B held a joint training session in season 5 of My Hero Academia, pitting their pupils against each other in teams. Shinso Hitoshi’s Hero course interview took place here, and he was placed in a Class 1-A team with Kirishima, Asui, Koda, and Kaminari in the first round.

The squad from Class 1-B proved to be a difficult opponent, especially with Shishida and his Beast Quirk. Despite the fact that Class 1-A eventually won, Kirishima and Koda were taken. After Kirishima’s heroics in the Shie Hassaikai arc, he was outdone by fellow pupils in this episode.

He Outperformed Expectations: He Pursued And Captured An Enhanced Villain

Kirishima’s internship with Fat Gum set the road for him to fully realise his dream of becoming Red Riot, the Hero he desired. He had the opportunity to learn from a Pro Hero but was also called upon to act on multiple occasions, the first of which was to track down and apprehend a Villain with an augmented Quirk.

Kirishima discovered his Red Riot Unbreakable form, which rendered him unstoppable for 30 to 40 seconds and was the result of his attempts to improve and strengthen his Quirk. He was able to withstand the Villain’s numerous blade strikes while avoiding damage to buildings and, most crucially, civilians, until finally defeating him with Red Gun Turret – which later became his distinctive Red Gauntlet.

He came up short, losing to Cementoss and Sato and failing the exam.

Kirishima and Sato were one of only two pairs to fail the final tests, which were separated into pairs to square off against teachers. They chose to smash their way through Cementoss’ never-ending walls and barricades as two attacking strong Heroes.

They eventually became fatigued, and their brute force approach, or lack thereof, proved to be their downfall, as they both collapsed and lost to Cementoss, failing the exam.

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