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Kitty Toombs Biography in 2023


Kitty Toombs was born on December 10, 1961 in New York. She lived a full, happy life. She was married to Paul, had two children, and died in 2012. After her death, her family moved to California, where they live today.

Kitty Toombs Family

Kitty Toombs

The family of Kitty Toombs is made up of four children. Her two children, Colt and Teal, are both in the pro wrestling business. She also has a daughter, Falika, who is a television personality. But the other family members are still unknown.

Kitty Toombs is an incredibly private person. She has never revealed her age to the media, or even her social media accounts. However, she has more than a thousand followers on Twitter.

Roddy and Kitty married when they were young. They had four children together. After his death, Kitty did not remarry.

While Roddy lived an active and successful life, his wife was not. She supported her husband’s career. Although, she did not have a formal education.

It was said that she stayed away from media during the early years of her marriage. Today, she appears whenever Piper is honored.

Kitty Toombs Early life

Kitty Toombs is a wife of the famous wrestler Roddy Piper. They had four children together. Unfortunately, Roddy died in 2015 at the age of 61.

The couple had been married for 33 years. Despite this, Kitty has kept silent about her life, avoiding media interviews. Instead, she has turned to voluntary work in Chico, California. She is also a television personality and actor. However, she hasn’t disclosed her age online.

Kitty and her family lived on a farm, away from the prying eyes of the public. In fact, the family spent a great deal of time interacting with animals. One of her sons was even a professional fighter.

Aside from wrestling, Kitty Toombs has also appeared on the ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap. Her avatar is @kittytoombs and she has around 80 followers on Instagram.

Kitty Toombs Marriage

A longtime wrestling legend Roddy Piper died in 2015 from cardiopulmonary arrest. He was 61 years old. The former pro wrestler was known as Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Piper and his wife Kitty Toombs had four children together. In his death, Roddy Piper left behind a widow, who is now a grandmother.

Roddy and Kitty had lived on a ranch off the radar. They lived with animals and lived a quiet life. Their children, however, had a hard time adjusting to the sudden loss of their father.

Before Roddy died, he had made a career in both amateur and professional wrestling. His family remained in isolation after his death, although they have attended some of his events.

Roderick George Toombs was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Although he had a troubled youth, he developed a reputation as a talented professional wrestler. Known as Rowdy Roddy Piper, he was popular with his fans.

Social media presence

The wife of Roddy Piper, Kitty Toombs is a Canadian who lives in Chico, California and is involved in voluntary work. She is a very private person who doesn’t like to be seen in the media, and prefers to stay away from the spotlight.

Kitty met her late husband, Roddy, when they were both young. They married in 1982 and had four children together. Her late husband, Roddy, passed away in 2015 at the age of 61.

Since then, Kitty has been a very quiet person who avoids the spotlight and has very little social media presence. However, she did make her professional wrestling debut in August of 2019.

She has an avatar on Twitter, which is @kittytoombs. She has over 1900 followers on this account. However, she hasn’t released any personal information about herself, and her height and age are unknown.


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