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Know About Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr From Kanye Insta


Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr: Perez Hilton, real name Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., is one of the most contentious figures in the entertainment world. More times than one could count, Hilton has found herself at the focus of attention due to her involvement in legal disputes, scandals, and controversies of all types.

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Jr. Mario Armando Lavandeira

Jr. Mario Armando Lavandeira

Kanye West has been very active on Instagram. In his latest post, he tag Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. Perez Hilton.

The rapper posted a picture of himself on his Facebook page, in an attempt to make fun of the blogger. The same was quickly reacted to by fans. However, many people didn’t know Perez was real.

Perez quickly responded to Kanye’s statements, while marketing his products.


Perez, who is actually Armando, blogs and is a media personality who covers entertainment news. His website keeps him informed about what’s happening with his favorite celebrities.

Perez is also active on social media and manages his website. You can find entertainment bloggers anywhere from Instagram to Twitter.

He has more than 5.5 million followers on Twitter, 784k Instagram followers and 345k YouTube subscribers. 


She mocked Perez on Instagram on February 17. Kanye captioned the photo with “I have a direct question for Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.” Does he find humor in jokes about mental health?

It is not known what motivated Kanye to post such a statement. However, it’s possible that the statement is related to Perez’s news reports. Perez quickly responded to Kanye’s tweet by going online to share his thoughts. Continue reading to know more about Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr .

He wrote, “#KimKardashian has a question to me from his ex.” This is both my reaction to Kanye West and an invitation. If you send me your PO Box address, I will give you a few @MyTrueTen. It may prove to be very beneficial for you in many ways. You can get #CBD gummies for everyone else by visiting MyTrue10.com. Click the link in my profile.

He also commented on another post that “#Kanye, you really want to talk – come and be a guest at PerezPodcast.com.”

Had Perez Hilton & Kanye West Ever Met?

Perez shared an old photo with Kanye in response to Kanye’s question. It is not known when the photo was taken.

The snapshot shows that the two met at social events.

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