Kody Cephus: The Unknown Facts About Offset’s Son

October 19, 2022
Kody Cephus

Kody Cephus is known as Offset’s son with Oriel Jamie. His father is one the three founding members of hip-hop group Migos, which was established in 2008. Offset founded the group along with Quavo, Takeoff and Takeoff who are his cousins.

Kody, like his father, has already shown interest in a career as a musician. Kody loves to rap and is a proud performer. What about his professional life? What is his relationship to his parents? Kody Cephus’ mom? Kody Cephus’ father apparently cheated on Kody with Cardi B, a famous American singer/rapper.

Today’s article will discuss Kody’s talent, his relationship with his parents, Kody’s childhood, Kody’s little ventures and many other topics. To get all new updates follow Centralfallout.com

Kody Cephus BioKody Cephus

Kody was born on March 3, 2015. His mother, Oriel Jamie is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. She went to Hazelwood Central High and finished her college at Clark Atlanta University. He was 7 years old when he was born in March 2015.

Kody was born in Los Angeles and holds American citizenship. He belongs to the African-American ethnicity group. His school has not yet been revealed. According to Offset’s Instagram post, Kody is a great student who gets excellent grades.

Both his dad and mom co-parented him as a child. He spent more time with his mother and only visited his father on special occasions.

Stage Name: Kody Cephus
Real Name: Kody Kiari Cephus
Occupation: Media Personality
Date Of Birth/Age: 02 March 1995 (27 Years Old)
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Education: Currently Schooling

Kody Cephus Parents

Kody, as previously stated, is the son offset’s mother Oriel and father Offset. Kody’s father is an internationally known rapper who was a member the trio group Migos. Offset, who has been in the group since 2008 and was a member of the trio Migos, reached the peak of their popularity with the release of “Versace” (2013). Offset became an internet sensation with the release of their single “Bad and Boujee”, in 2017.

Kody Cephus is Oriel Jamie, her mother. She is from St. Louis, Missouri. Oriel graduated from Clark Atlanta University after graduating from Hazelwood Central High. Oriel used to be a model. Her profession has changed to that of an entrepreneur, and she now runs her own small business in her hometown.

His mother runs her own business

Kody Cephus’ mother owns Jamie’s Studio in St. Louis. It appears that she founded her business in June 2018, according to the studio’s Instagram profile.

She is also the owner and performs the procedure. There are a variety of facial services available, including face tinting and face waxing. Prices vary depending on the service. The studio accepts VIP clients.

Kody Cephus loves to rap like his father Offset

Cephus, a son of Offset and a father to Offset, is well-known for his ability to rap at a young age. Kody, a young rapper, has been featured on his father’s Instagram many times to show off his talents.

Offset’s seven year-old son appears to be following his father’s lead. Offset shared with The EllenShow that Kody learned to rap by himself after watching his father perform. Offset also said that he doesn’t teach his son these things. He wanted Kody learn about the world and grow up first. Kody, however, was intelligent enough to learn it on his own and master the subject.

He has also rapped his own songs. Kody showing off his “Lamb Truck”, has been viral since the upload. This young rapper is a shining example of his talent.

Offset posted the video to Instagram, where it has over 3 million views. Offset also mentioned Kody, his son, in Father of 4.

It’s as follows: My son Kody, who is three years old, rappin’ like me

Ridin’ in the vehicle, you don’t play me, then, he gon’ scream

This is a clear indication that Offset, the well-known rapper, has acknowledged his son’s ability to rap at such an early age.

Offset celebrated his son Kody Cephus’ birthday in a grand way

Offset hosted a massive party for Cephus on the 7th of May. The party was so large that everyone in St. Louis and the surrounding areas were invited. Kody performed a special performance in front all of the guests on this occasion.

He even used his Instagram to call Kody Cephus twins on his birthday.

Kody’s father may have cheated on his mother with WAP singer Cardi B.

Kody’s parents Offset & Jamie began dating in 2013. After two years of dating, the couple welcomed Kody in 2015. Rumours circulated that Offset had cheated on Oriel and Cardi, as he is frequently involved in infidelities.

Offset did not cheat on Cardi B. But, Offset did not cheat with Cardi B. After Kody’s birth with only 20 days difference, she was born 23 March 2015.

Kody’s parents decided to end their relationship, but they are still waiting to disclose when.

Kody’s Father Offset the Proposed Cardi B years Later Although Offset and Cardi were rumored to have been together since 2015, their relationship actually started in 2017. Offset proposed to Cardi B on October 27, 2017 at Power 99’s Powerhouse concert, Philadelphia. They were officially engaged when Offset, a “Bodak Yellow” singer, said yes.

Oriel, Offset’s ex-lover, took it personally because he hadn’t yet introduced Cardi B before proposing to her. She posted about her anger on Instagram.

Despite all the tensions among offsets lovers, things look great right now. Kody is even close to his stepmother Cardi.

Kody Cephus siblings

Kody’s father Offset was in many relationships. Cardi B is blessed to have five children from his four lovers. Kody has two brothers and two sister.

Kody is half-brother Jordan Cephus, his eldest sibling. His younger siblings are Kalea Marie and Kulture Kiari Cephus. His youngest sibling’s name is still unknown. He is Offset’s son and Cardi B’s daughter.

Jordan, Offset’s older brother, was born at the age of 17. Offset, one of Justin Watson’s lovers, was his father. Justin, Jordan’s mother, has not spoken out over the years. She did however, sue Justin in 2017 for child support.

She argued that Offset would rarely send financial support to Jordan’s medical, education and ECA needs. Kody was then married to Offset for two years.

Kalea, his other sister, was born just twenty days after his father’s relationship to Shya Lamour, a Floridian rapper. Even bigger problems arose with her. She accused Offset, despite being married to Cardi B, of asking for sex.

After their failed relationship, he approached Grammy winner Cardi. They soon got married and welcomed Kulture Kiari Cephus. They announced via Instagram that they were splitting up. Their divorce plans were canceled and they welcomed their fifth child, a son.

Cephus’ Father Visits Jail

His dad Offset’s controversies are frequent. He often ends up in jail or the courthouse as a result. These incidents occurred when Offset was still a rising star.

Kody’s father taken into custody in Georgia’s DeKalb County Jail for violating the probation he had received in 2003 for burglary and theft convictions. Kody was again sent to prison for possessing a Schedule II narcotic, marijuana and a firearm within a school safety area. His other crimes include battery, rioting and driving with a suspended licence. He also carries a concealed weapon.

He has an official Instagram page

Kody, a young rapper, even has his own official Instagram account under @kingkodykiori He has almost 4k followers on the page. His dad Offset, on the other hand has more than 17 million followers on his Instagram account.


Q. Who is the mother of offset son Kody?

Offset had his second son, Kody, with his ex-girlfriend Oriel Jamie.

Q. Who is Kody Cephus?

A. Kody Kiari Cephus (born March 2, 2015) is the second son of Offset and Cardi’s step-son.

Q. How old is Kody Offset?

A. 7 Years old as of 2022.

Q. How is Cardi b related to Kalea?

A. Kalea Marie Cephus (born March 23, 2015) is the third child of Offset and Cardi’s step-daughter.

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